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    GP2X 940 Unstable

    Oo... can you point me in the direction of some example code? Have you successfully got the 940 working 'stably' then?
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    GP2X Relocation Error: Symbol __floatsidf ?

    Any idea how to avoid this message when you use floating point and link with -dynamic? relocation error: ./test.gpe: symbol __floatsidf
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    Picodrive 0.95 Released

    he did??? :blink: shit, didn't realise that :(
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    Picodrive 0.95 Released

    *smiles* Glad it's running well and people are working on it and improving it! .... See open source rocks right?! Spread the word ;) Kudos to Notaz :) The thing I loved was the day after this was released, I saw "DrMDx goes open source" as well. That's pretty cool! Kudos to Ressy :) By the...
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    GP2X Methods Of Dev

    Yep that's me. Thanks for all the help! Hopefully i'll do some cool coding this sunday...
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    GP2X Methods Of Dev

    :blink: wow that sounds awesome! how do i get set up to do that then? I've just got my GP2X, haven't unwrapped the install disks yet can you point me at a good FAQ to get set up with Samba shares?!
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    GP2X Methods Of Dev

    Hey guys! When you develop, do you compile and use an emulator and then transfer using a card reader (someone suggested using a card reader is the best way to transfer stuff)? Or do you have the USB cable plugged in? I just get USB Device error at the moment, but I'm wondering what everyone...
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    That may be true but it is not Linux using raster interrupts to change the colour palette, it is the underlying emulated virtual 68000 game which is using raster interrupts, hence there should be no worries about emulating this effect on Linux. Raster effects are typically done by rendering the...
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    GP32 Additive Blending

    Think harder then! B) ARM design is very clever. There are a few bits at the top of the opcode (the condition) which can be completely seperated out and calculated in parallel with the opcode itself. So at the same time as it's working out the value, it can be working out whether the condition...
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    Linux Kernel Source

    Couldn't that mean that it isn't a hack job? What if they just took the standard Linux SDL version, compiled it and it worked straight off? :lol: Hey - I'm an eternal optimist! Is there a binary that goes with it? *edit* - is that 109k fbgnuboy the binary? Does it run on a GP2X?
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    Cool it's just like being welcomed to the YakYak boards, only with less sheep and more cows!
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    Found it in the end! *waves* Hello secret forum buddies B)
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    GP2X Libmirko Sdk, Who Use It ? Do You Like It ?

    I use it :) It's very good, alot cleaner and more streamlined than the official GP32 dev tool - with GP2X it would be great to have a version. As you say the main advantage is that is open-source, so there is no line between your app code and the SDK code, which is a great advantage. For...
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    Quick question: are the GP32 BLUs on the new type (with the different screen model) i.e. BLU+ or the old type (just plain BLU)?
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    Source Code, And Etc