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    Very strange charging behaviour

    Hmm, interesting to hear this is a common behaviour, since I run into similar problems. My original charger broke a while ago, so I was left with USB charging using a standard 230V to 5V 1A converter (which I got with my phone). Now I can only charge the Pandora if it is turned off when I plug...
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    Release PNDTools

    You are right... damn totally forgot I have not set-up a project file for that. I was sure I included a file with compilation direction though. Looking through the code now, this does not seem to be the case either :/ It has been too long... The external dependencies are as follows: GraphicEx -...
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    Release PNDTools

    You can find the repo here: I am very busy right now, though (hence my long reply time). Any problem you might run into might take a while for me to fix. So I don't expect you to put any time into this. Sorry about that. However, I greatly appreciate any...
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    Release PNDTools

    Yeah I guess using squashfs directly is your best shot at the moment. If you really need a GUI, someone could try compiling PNDTools with Lazarus and port it over to Linux and Mac. I have taken some steps to make it Lazarus compatible, but I have not tested it in quite a while. Also I don't...
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    Release SunVox (ultimate multiplatform synth/sampler/tracker)

    Just took a look at the runscript, copied it to my appdata folder, enabled notaz' SDL again - and it seems to do the trick. Got no mouse offset issue now. So maybe try the following: Start SunVox Press and hold the Pandora button for a few seconds, then release. A dialog should pop up for...
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    Release SunVox (ultimate multiplatform synth/sampler/tracker)

    Yeah I am having the same problem with the latest version. Sadly this renders this program totally unusable for me :( Does anybody got an idea on what might be causing this?
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    flipBX - Gaming buttons (non-)standardization on Pyra

    I like this idea. I think we definitely need a standard regarding buttons for menu interaction. The Pandora as an open console and ecosystem naturally does not support one mandatory way of doing things, instead promotes choice and customisation. I really liked the idea of giving the user full...
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    So, what's the actual state of the software?

    Yup, I totally get it. However most people here either lack the skill, the time or both to help. Money could "fix" the time problem. I mean most people working on the Pandora's OS did so voluntarily and as you said, you cannot rely on that! Why not hire a few men to work on it full-time. Yup...
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    So, what's the actual state of the software?

    NO NO NO NO This attitude is part of the reason the Software on the Pandora is such a mess. Sure we got tons of PNDs, but as a developer as well as a user there are so many inconsistencies and pitfalls. We don't have a unified control scheme - leading to confused users and an overall messy...
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    Release Out of Order

    OOoh, I loved this game on the PC back in the day. Amazing, unique storyline and some challenging puzzles. Great adventure game all around! Thanks a lot for the port, too bad CC get left in the dust again, but there is nothing you can do about that (I know the struggle...). Maybe I will give it...
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    Release ~~ Super JumpKick Turbo ~~

    Woo, amazing stuff. Glad to see this in the wild, finally. :D You guys should try it out. It's really fun! (Esp. Playing on LAN or two people on one Pandora)
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    Release Hase 1.6 - more gravity, more particles, more fun!

    Which player is the AI in the video? I really cannot tell... :P (those friendly fire kills are hilarious and amazing at the same time)
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    Current Keyboard Layout

    Just a quick note: I am also very much in favour of putting the F-keys on the number keys. For one most compact keyboards (I own) do it like that and it seems more intuitive (to me at least, but that is personal preference as has been already discussed). For another, this would put € on E where...
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    Release Diablo

    Thanks! What do you mean by that? Is that the functionality of files in pandora/appdata/[pnd_id] overwriting the same files inside the pnd? Well for the majority of Windows users -no-recovery and -noappend make sense to avoid confusion and additional data they don't need. I don't know why I...
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    Release PNDTools

    I found a compiled version of squashtools 4.3 with lzma (and xy) compatibility, which I am currently testing. If no regression bugs show up, I will release a new version. (This one does open the Diablo PND) You can find a beta version with the new squashtools attached (and nothing else...