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    Politics of Gnome and Perceptions of rudeness (Random things from Daveshah's thread)

    code of conducts main function, rather than being "inclusive", seeks to filter away from merit (quality of code), and giving skincolor and gender more value than actual code. and thats why I feel it has no place in serious projects. but you do you. (for anyone else curious what this is about...
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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    don't xwayland work around most of it? such as running legacy apps inside wayland. afaik it just fakes an xserver for the app to draw to like it would any windows then wayland displays that. I've only used gnome under wayland with good results so far, with gnomes mutter compositor. (but gnome...
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    It's software this time!

    for what its worth; wayland has xwayland for compatibilty and it works well enough on my desktop to play Dolphin emu in both opengl and vulkan. so you should't be afraid of loosing support for apps that only support X... though given there could be a few apps thathas issues running like that, I...
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    It's software this time!

    is pyra x11 only or does it work with wayland..?
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    Where are we now?

    well, yes. in theory. but that's not always true depending on how many changes has occured, trying to update a 3 year old instance of Arch linux for example might be a nightmare. in those cases it's better to flash a new install. I am assuming going from todays beta OS, to release will be a big...
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    Where are we now?

    personally I'm fine with OS not done yet as long as when it's finished it's easy to flash it from bootloader :)
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    Even more to see here (now)

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    Repo site tagged as "Dangerous" by chrome

    getting this on THIS site right now :S
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    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    well there's your problem. lol!
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    It's the speed that counts.

    some amazing purples at that link just saying ;)
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    Input/Output from GPS

    rather than accessing a screen for the weather why not a conky script or something and display it on your desktop background? :P
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    Moving along

    Sweet news :D
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    Important color changes

    haha :P
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    Important color changes

    similar in swedish region skåne (south part) here we call potato för Pära :) plural päror
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    That took a while...

    oh wow, the metallic looks nice... time to photoshop ( shoop) a purple one :D