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    Mac Os

    Isn't Mac a closed platform? I know there is a free version of Darwin , but it still isn't Mac. Why not use a free platform , like *BSD?
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    Funny Sites

    We fucking got more crabs than you Kenya , and Crab > Lions & tigers
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    New Gp32 Owners Read This

    This scares me. It really does. So , should i drop the BLU , and buy a regular one? Or should i spend my time fixing this problem? BTW , Does the EagleTec SMC work?
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    Thinking Of Uninstalling Ie From Xp...

    Firefox , Opera and Avant browser is probably the best substitutes for IE. Most of the time i use Firefox , but in the spirit is being norwegian , i also use Opera. Firefox got som nice extencions , but so do Opera , but even tough ; i like Firefox most. Men bruk Opera da for helvete , din idiot :)
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    Neo Geo Pocket Colour

    Got myself a NGPC console for some time ago. Got this great console with 6 games (the arcade-bundle) and Sonic Pocket Adventure for approx 92 $. Well worth the money , especially Sonic Pocket adventure , which i got for only 9 bucks. Just got SNK vs Capcom : Match of the Millenium too , which...
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    What Nes Game???

    I dunno it this game is on NES , but one game that i would liked to see remaked , would be Castlevania X (better known as Dracula X). I know that the game came out for PC-engine , and had beatiful animation , so take the original sprites , piff them up a little , then work yourself out from...