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    Using Box86 on the Pyra

    Good work..thank you. Unfortunaly i rarely used my Pyra for now. Some Things changed in my private Life. Maybe i will make a fresh Reinstall of the Pyra OS and will try your good explained Howto. btw..somehow i got Netflix and DisneyPlus working on the Pyra with my last experiments..but i...
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    Slackware for Pandora 14.2

    Maybe he have Windows on his "Main Laptop"? Then it could be simply the wrong File System.;)
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    PND File-System not mounted

    I would try to reflash a Second Time. Maybe something on your Nand is not okay. Or maybe you can try a OS from SD Card like Slackware for Pandora. Then you can be shure that it is no Software Error. Here is an old Thread with older Version of Slackware but the Images are easy to install and...
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    App Request - Duke Nukem: Alien Armageddon (Duke Nukem 3D mod) (Branch? Custom compile? of EDuke32 PND)

    For Windows we have the PNDTools here: I used them for all my PNDs on the Repo and its a wonderfull Software with a nice and easy Gui. Thanks for the Creator of this Software :)
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    Maybe a Box86 PND help many Users with just select a X86 File for Running? Another Idea is to implement additional a Library downloader/installer from a Repo based on your magical to identify and download missed Libs automatic to the Pandora Appdata. A Box86 PND would be great for...
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    SD card slots suddenly stopped working in Pandora. Help.

    Do a Reflash work? Or are the SD Cards even in the bootmenu not detected? We had a nearby Error on another Thread and a Reflash from the Right SD Card Slot helped..not from the Left. Or maybe you can Try a OS Update in Zaxxon? Maybe there is something with your UBoot Bootloader not ok on the Nand.
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    Hey i do have an Idea.. ..maybe you get it run with Notaz Experimental ARMHF Support. Had that idea just only in this Moment.
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    Thank you for Sharing..tried some Things but nothing have worked here.
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    Do you have a Link for this Game that we can give it a Try too?
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    running linux arm executables on Pandora

    Hi..did you try a chmod 777 ./DonkeyKong to make the File executable?
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    Both full size USB ports not working

    Hmm after Second and Thirt Boot..USB down not work more here too. Seem that first Boot was Luck. It seem like to be in a Buggy State. Maybe the USB Chip do have a Software Crash..i will try to get The Battery out for 5 Minutes and then try again.
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    Both full size USB ports not working

    Okay i can correct me..i tried 5 USB Dongles and all 5 worked. Dual USB Dram USB Dongle work in all ports from here..even in the OTG Port. I can say i had that Problem and it is gone. 2 Things i did since last USB Port Testing: 1.) there is a little glossy Paper inside the internal Pyra Micro...
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    Both full size USB ports not working

    Oh i thought i have to activate my USB Ports on my Pyra like the Pandora. I have a Similiar Problem then. No USB Stick from mine did work..then i simply used a SD Card and thought not much about that. I will test it this Evening again and will report my DMESG Messages too. Thought it was...
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    Accelerometer and magnetometer (Bosch BNO055)

    Realy nice to have a Compass.. ..maybe we can make it more Sensitive to detect magnetic Anomalies @ Home? Good work ;)
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    Der Große Laber Thread, Laber Laber, Off Topic ohne Ende...

    Ja bei the Tube musste ich die Youtube-DL manuell Updaten. Bei der Version die dabei ist gehen keine Updates mehr per Befehl. Hab dir die richtige Version mal in den Anhang. Einfach im TheTube Appdataverzeichniss einen Ordner namens bin erstellen und Youtube-dl entpackt da reinkopieren. Ein Wlan...