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    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    I think folks here are missing the point that the price is absolutely insane. LTT covered GPD devices but they're priced just beyond impulse buy for the general market. Valve may be taking a hit, if not breaking even, on these, so it's more akin to a console launch with an inexplicable amount of...
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    A case of polls!

    Anyone who lived through the Pandora days knows how much work the guys put in behind the scenes and how getting news updates often raises false hopes about possible shipment days. Rest assured work continues without news updates and getting updates is not going to bring peace to anyone until...
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    Beauty competition.

    I could go either way on this one! The black fits what my eyes expect to see on a daily basis, but this is no ordinary piece of hardware, so the chrome color wouldn't feel out of place... Hmmm!
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    It's the speed that counts.

    Two months, the dream.
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    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    ED, I knew the Pyra was going to be a slow burn so I'm in no hurry. The day I get the preorder fulfilment email will be a nice surprise! :)
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    I don't use noscript, but I do use Firefox's JavaScript setting to shut down scripts on really bad websites. That let's me get the best of both worlds.
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I wasn't expecting to get mine until the end of the year at the earliest. I just ordered a Beagleboard X15 to develop with; I need some space to validate my purchase. :x
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    News from the meeting at GC

    I agree. And, besides, if there wasn't a little tension while waiting then do you really want the Pyra?
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    News from the meeting at GC

    This thread is funny to read. It's too bad the Pandora forums are lost to the ages because there's some pretty good preorder angst conversations there too. :) Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Understanding the lurkers

    I was huge into the Pandora when it was out. I was developing a Gentoo OS for the Pandora before it came out using the original BeagleBoard. The end of the story is a sad one. The Pandora died on me and was replaced twice. The third time, I asked for a refund and settled for a Google Nexus...
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    It's yummy. But you can't eat it!

    I wanted to just say, "Hi!" and let you know I'm still watching from afar. I moved on from the Pandora after I got overwhelmed submitting for constant replacements while starting school, but every time I look to find the latest news, I get a hope that maybe I will be able to jump back in again...
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    Parallel Production and new boards

    It seems to me that this should be ready in about two months? ;)
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    Release new bare-bones web repo / mirror

    You are trolling. Some of us here happen to agree with capitalism and disagree with DREDD.
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    Screen's Acting Up

    If they refund me the amount the Pandora's worth now (in GBP) then I will have actually gained money. Otherwise, I'll lose $30. Not a big deal. In some ways I'd rather eat the $30 and help them out because I think they're that awesome, despite my problems. Thanks to you all who helped me out! I...
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    Screen's Acting Up

    In that case, I'm going to send it back and ask for a refund. I don't want to do this, because this device has been a perfect fit for me. However, the Pandora has proven to me that it is experimental and not very good just yet for my-productivity-depends-on-it scenarios. My backup plan is to buy...