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    Got your Pyra? Write it here for all

    Pyra Forum User: kingoddball Pyra Ordering Number: Pre-preorder # 94 Pyra Model: Standard 4GB Pyra Color: Black Pyra Date of Arriving: 28/04/2021
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    Pyra RAM options

    Thank you all. I don't remember what I ordered or anything anymore Good news
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    Pyra RAM options

    Good day, my friends. It has been a long time since I was last here. I generally check up on the news posts and move on. I received a little questionnaire the other day so that is great news. I have a question on RAM options. I remember the 2 and 4GB options. What is happening with this? Is...
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    What have I missed?

    Good morning everyone! I am wondering what has changed recently? I have not seen an email/news update from ED arrive for quiet awhile and I forgot about this :( Not sure when the last email/update came out, in my head it was like last year hahahah, Im sure it was more recently than that... Has...
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    WTB cheap GP2X

    Hey! Wondering if anyone has a cheap old GP2X for sale? I'm in Australia so if possible AUS would be good but I am happy to buy from anywhere. I don't need anything except the console and maybe a charger. Thanks!!
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    PYRA UK and US 4G/LTE specifications?

    I know I've seen it somewhere but cannot find on preorder page. I'm thinking of changing my Pyra preorder to the 4G/LTE version but I'm in Australia and need to know what bands each has so I can find the best one. Thanks if you can help, and also if you're in Aus; which 4G model did you get...
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    I have a question which might come up again: I ordered a Pyra 4GB RAM. Can I change this and get the Pyra 4GB + 4G?? (I don't have a need for 4G/LTE but I may in the future and I forgot about CPU upgrades... Might as well get full kit)
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    Same issue as others. No code generated after pre(pre-pre now?) order. :)
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    Done! Model - standard + 4GB ram. (Couldn't find a use for LTE model unfortunately)
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    What have I missed over the last 12 months? (Pandora)

    Hello!! Been a while since I've used my Pandora... Just been waiting for the Pyra and not using the Pandora. I keep it charged, power it up and very shortly later power it off. So, what have I missed over the past 12 months with Pandora news? Any cool new programs or emu updates? I don't...
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    You'll hate this post. And you'll love this post.

    Awesome! I like all the colour options!! I like the clear'ish black too! Clear pyra! Will you sell cases? I'd like a clear pyra (not for every day use).
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    I miss a case etc. ;-)

    Mine arrived yesterday and it's great! Thanks! 94 I think it was.
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    Thanks! Appreciate it! Don't suppose while everyone's here - what WIFI is it going to have? I'm after a wifi with monitor mode (old school aircrack etc). I know I can use a USB, but wanting to know what internal is so I can see if monitor mode will work.
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    Great -- but no one knows that size will be there?
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    No, no! Do not get rid of emmc! Want emmc/nand! I'm asking for info on the size - is there's been no update and now you're at board population; do you know the size yet? It SEEMED like it was not mentioned and therefor not being used anymore.