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    The Rabbit Joint

    Went to flick through the LOL Files at the old GP32X - what a shame. A site that was so important when I was growing up totally wiped off the internet!
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    Downloadable Pandora leaflet here.

    Well, if I was not so busy with my Uni work, I'd give this a crack - not sure how useful a flyer would be, mind you. Very limited group of people who would want to get a Pandora. I'd just hammer it online.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Man, this place used to be so much fun. :(
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    What's your Pandora doing today? (Or: A Pandora photo thread.)

    My Pandora chilling with it's big brother. The Pandora lost by a factor of 20 or something close to that, by the way ;)
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    The Communication Cube

    Oooh, Close to Me is finally out! Me and my friend have been waiting for that!
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries

    Not a chance, I'd assume. EDIT: The ingame graphics are ripped from Rock Band too! This game should get disqualified, I've sent an email to U9i about it, maybe others should too. This is not fair - they can't go around stealing music and graphics when we all have to make them our self...
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries

    Huh - why do you think that? Also good job to the PaperWars team - knew you guys were going to win it :)
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries go go go!
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    speeding up the pandora

    Sucks the life out of your battery life from what I've seen. Roughly about halfs it - totally worth it though. Transforms the WiFi completely.
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    speeding up the pandora

    Run this in the terminal if it's WiFi problems you are having. Before browsing was horrible, I was not even able to stream online radio. Now - it's fine :D sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M power off
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    Release Yabause

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    RIOT Tag-Team coding competition

    just downloaded paper wars off this free wifi i'm leaching. it's beautiful - traylor, I'm insanely jealous of the look you´ve created! it's so smooth, too! got my vote for sure! edit: thanks for the kind words on shootet, cassie!
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    Move Over Pandora It's A Sony hmm.
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    Pandora and Talk Talk wireless modem/router.

    I bought some TalkTalk EchoLife router at a carboot sale - big white one. Worked fine for everything I needed - no USB required.