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    [SOLD] - 1Ghz Rebirth and 2x 600mhz

    The Silver 600mhz is 256mb and the Black 600mhz is 512mb.
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    [SOLD] - 1Ghz Rebirth and 2x 600mhz

    It is the laser etched Pandora key-chain that came with the letter and card and box, never used, just kept in my Pandora shrine :D
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    [SOLD] - 1Ghz Rebirth and 2x 600mhz

    Added a fifth picture with my username in it.
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    [SOLD] - 1Ghz Rebirth and 2x 600mhz

    Pictures for your viewing enjoyment. The left Pandora is the 1ghz, the middle and right are both 600mhz.
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    [SOLD] - 1Ghz Rebirth and 2x 600mhz

    I do live in the US, and once I get the battery charging so I can show they all power up I'll get pictures, ETA probably 30-60 minutes max.
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    [SOLD] - 1Ghz Rebirth and 2x 600mhz

    Yes, I have three Pandoras... I used to have DOOM LAN parties in the cafeteria (I used to have four, but gave one to a good friend). My 1Ghz Pandora is a Rebirth edition, purchased through Craig. I've got the original letter, thank you note, laser etched keychain, and box to prove it. Happy...
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    Release Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

    Built the 0.19 version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Took it for a spin and seems to work well. Let me know if you have any bugs, errors or issues. Enjoy!
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    Invisible Shield

    No screen protector here... No scratches... But I do not use the touchscreen for more than the occasional poke and rarely do intense slide operations.
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    Release Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

    Latest update is still on version 0.18, but takes the latest bug fixes. Happy dungeon crawling!
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    2015 Was Another Fantastic year for the Pandora

    @ekianjo: I'm still happy with what you're putting together on your limited schedule! keep on keeping on :)
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    Some questions about the Pyra

    @ingoreis: I suspect that exagear will be worked on to get it to work similar to how it was done for Pandora... however I doubt it would be added as part of the Pyra base system, since that adds about $30 USD to the cost, which I imagine most folks would rather see spent elsewhere for...
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    Release Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

    After an embarrassing long time, I have gotten the 0.18 build done. I have played through a few games and it seems much better. I haven't seen any of the issues that occurred from the previous version I had uploaded.
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    Moving PNDs from the archive to the Repo

    Well, it is a rogue like :)
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    What should I do with this handful of tinybob's?

    I've tried a handful of ext out cables and tried to solder my own... nothing looks really that good unfortunately :(
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    (Update) [DooM] 2020 Cacowards Ceremony

    where did the time go?