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    Pyra Wiki Scope

    Yes, subpages are the standard for translation of any kind of page including categories. Categories subpages can be handled automatically with some template tricks. LangSwitch is ancient and superseded; autotranslate is only for templates and on its way to deprecation. Once the user has changed...
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    Pandora wiki open for business. You can help.

    Yes sorry, docs were unclear till recently: you have to enable $wgTranslatePageTranslationULS. With the above setting, &setlang=$CODE will work for content/translated pages as well (it's set by the UniversalLanguageSelector, but can also be done manually). Currently only your 6 administrators...
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    Website - Basic Ideas

    Hello, MediaWiki contributor here, nice to meet you. Nothing bad should happen with Translate after the upgrade, bad things happen without upgrades. :) All the recent releases are compatible with 1.21 and later. Several wikis are already using Translate...