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    F(x) Technology Android phone with a slide-out keyboard

    3 days to go! The suspense is killing me!!
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    Retroid Pocket 1 & Retroid Pocket 2

    I wouldn't mind getting one
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    That's sad :( Meanwhile, we here in Melbourne, Australia might start tasting the flavour of freedom next week or the week after. So excited :)
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    SONY PS5 (PlayStation 5)

    Under 3 weeks to go <3
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    Nintendo Switch

    Fingers crossed that the rumour becomes reality <3
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    [Pre-Gamescom reveal] A vision became reality

    Wow, that's like, DNF numbers! Impressive How about...overall cost?
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    AYA Neo handheld Windows gaming pc

    I Love <3
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    Epic vs Apple Vs The World

    Fuck, I hate Apple!!!
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    Epic vs Apple Vs The World

    @levi I made a last second edit on my previous post
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    Epic vs Apple Vs The World

    Unfortunately, in the US judicial system, corruption is always involved.
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    Epic vs Apple Vs The World

    @levi Their Unreal engine(s) have made them rich...and don't even mention Fortnite (which you clearly already have, lol) as that's their bread 'n' butter, right there. Literally billions of dollars, overnight :cool: Also, a Chinese company called Tencent (worth $150m) is a part owner of Epic...
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    The Communication Cube

    See below. Bingo!! Thanks for helping me remember now. Almost 15 years with you guys now and it's the only Topic Thread that I've had to put on Ignore, unfortunately, so that's why I wasn't used to hidden/ignored stuff. Thanks again @JDTAY :)