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    The Communication Cube

    Where am I?
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    The Communication Cube

    Ok. Catch me up.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Man.  :(
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    Fucking what mate

    Fucking what mate
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    Farewell And All The Best, Pandorians. :)

    Farewell, friend. I hope our paths cross again soon.
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    Don't Buy From This Guy

    Oh for goodness sake.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    I don't know what you fuckers are talking about. Except you Sony. Don't ever change. <3
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Can I ask why exactly you have so many? Got a lot of toilets? Also clear this up for me. Is the screen plastic or glass? i.e. will I need a protector? Cheers
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    This Is Just Sad.

    I want to give you a cuddle. Get over here.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    I'm gonna buy one of them vita thingers.
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    Move Over Pandora It's A Sony

    I have nothing to say, I just wanted to be part of this thread.
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    Prospective Console Recruitment

    I just got my BA in Product Design, so I might have a little tinker with the aesthetics if thats ok? Maybe come up with a render or two.
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    Spam In The Caanoo Section

    I'll go after the programmer then ;).
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    Spam In The Caanoo Section

    I just got done deleting a ton of spam posts from a certain member here. The person in question has been permabanned, the posts have been deleted and the citizens of GP32x can sleep safe in their beds again. I just want to thank all the members who flagged the posts for me to find quickly...