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    Super Mario Bros on C64

    Looking at it that way, it does make sense. Still sad that something that required so much effort is destroyed by copyrights. It's not a bad port, just one limited by hardware.
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    GPD P2 Max - Announced

    Seems like a normal laptop at this point, just smaller than usual and with decent specs. I'm not sure what else they can make past the Win Max and Pocket 2 Max, though, since there aren't any better chips to use that would work for them. If they're trying to infiltrate the standard laptop...
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    Super Mario Bros on C64

    Is Nintendo really paranoid enough that they think someone would download and play a fan-made Commodore 64 port of SMB with serious lag issues before playing it officially? The kinds of people who would do that either already have the game in some form or weren't going to buy it anyway.
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    Pinebook Open-Source ARM based notebook (spectre safe)

    I'm interested in this thing just because it's a functional laptop stronger than a Pi for less money and effort that actually making a Pi laptop. I can think of a couple of things to do or try to do with one of these...
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    Why not to by GPD

    To be fair, the Pandora had plenty of issues too. I've heard plenty of stories of units being bricked from plugging in the wrong type of barrel charger, the cases having a bad habit of cracking whenever they felt like it, and fragile analog nubs. As difficult as the Pandora and Pyra are...
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    3DS emulation is a little bit more iffy, but with the power of optimization and the greater power of the Pyra, it might be possible. There are a few games that can apparently run well even on the original GPD Win through Citra, so the Pyra should at least be able to play those.
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    With the level of power it has, the Pyra could probably handle DesMuMe, although it may or may not handle more demanding settings or increased internal resolution. Whether or not it could handle 3DS emulation in any capacity, though, is the next question...or anything from Dolphin or PCSX2, for...
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    Pyra ancestors poll

    I guess I was lucky, then, since my Win battery just kind of died instead of expanding and dying. I basically can't use it because it has about two minutes of battery life and dies even when plugged in, which seems to be an issue with the firmware that was fixed in the Win 2.
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    GPD MicroPC

    They've hired people to get Ubuntu MATE 18.10 working on it. Other than that, support looks grim, with most distros not working well or at all out of the box.
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    Preparing for a Prototype

    Unfortunately, a Pyra wouldn't be able to do that due to its 32GB of internal storage, although a 1TB SD card could handle it. I'll have to look into that technique, since I've never really heard of that.
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    GPD MicroPC

    That thing would either need a lot more thickness or magic to fit anything close to that number of ports...It would be a cool concept, but the MicroPC is probably about as close as he's going to get for now.
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    GPD MicroPC

    I'm honestly pretty impressed by the performance it gets at 10W. My main question now is how much they've improved the cooling and other things that were lacking in the Win 2.
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    Preparing for a Prototype

    well, to be fair, there are functioning prototypes in the hands of users, so the theoretical maximum must be higher than 0GB. I don't think they'd send out prototypes for a 1TB SD card, although I could be wrong.
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    Wrapping everything up!

    You know, this thing might actually be nearing completion. That feels really weird to say after years of work and delays, but it might actually be the case. I won't get my hopes up too high, though. I'm also gonna hope that there aren't any issues like the Pandora apparently had with its first...
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    The power of the Pandora?

    Ah...I'd like to think that the open-source nature of most of the Pandora's applications and the similar hardware between the Pandora and Pyra should make porting a not-too-difficult task, but I don't know for sure because I'm not a developer. Considering that the Pyra runs a standard desktop...