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    Just been sorting out stuff I have in the loft and found this monstrosity I got on eBay years ago for next to nothing. Anybody want to...
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    I seem to have accumulated quite a few over the years - must have over 20 GP/GPH machines dotted around my house! Almost 15 years since...
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    Orkie posted the thread Orcus 1.2.0 in News Zone [GPH].
    A new version of Orcus, the bare metal hardware library for F100 and F200 has just been released and is now available in the devkitPro...
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    Orkie reacted to romanaFour's post in the thread I ported DinguxCommander to GP2X with Like Like.
    I got a GP2X F-100 and F-200 recently. I was curious about this device because some games I've played on GCW and Pandora were ported...
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    Orkie replied to the thread I ported DinguxCommander to GP2X.
    Yes! https://www.pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/orcus-1-1-0.99123/...
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    Orkie replied to the thread Orcus 1.1.0.
    If anybody is actually following this..! Had a few weeks off, making progress with the 2D accelerator (aka blitter, which is only part...
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