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    Retroid Pocket 1 & Retroid Pocket 2

    So, no more 6 face buttons :(
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    SUPER VACCINATED MAN !! :cool: Viruses can nothing against him !!
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    Absurdism corner

    I have seen that before, and I didn't know you actually can survive to something like that :confused:
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    Release Otter browser

    @ptitSeb , if you find time, an update for this browser will be really appreciated :happy:
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    Production Pyra photos/videos/thoughts thread

    In Google AI mind: "mmm, all the others Pyra videos had the display rotated... so if I rotate MY video, the display will be perfectly readable !! I'm genius with my learning skills !!" :cool:
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    2GB and 4GB

    In some some distant future someone called John Titor will search for it to save the world.
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    I didn't even read the comments to this, but I imagine already a flame war :eek: EDIT: The original post by GOG was low rated !! :D First time I see this happening, but they really were desperately searching for...
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    General Order Questions

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    Absurdism corner

    At the beginning I was pretty sure @matzesu wrote that :D, but then became too much even for him
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    Just to cheer things up, in China were found 2 cases of Black Death, and the village was put in lockdown.
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THIS !! Not for the faint of heart !! This politician is telling that vaccines, are causing illnesses like homosexuality !!!!! :cool: He tells, that starting from the time when some vaccines became obligatory, not only homosexuality started growing, but it was also stopped...
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    If there is someone still around without a "The Witcher: Enhanced Edition"... SHAME ON YOU !!! :mad: ...or maybe just take it for free NOW
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    Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Please stay safe, y'all

    WTF !! there is people who do sports with that thing on ?! Anyway, if you miss breaths maybe you can lose consciousness, die out like this seems to me a little excessive... maybe the mask wasn't the only problem
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    Buying a pico projector.

    Chromecast, in "desktop mode", works somehow like VNC, except that while even the mouse cursor is slow, every videos or audio contents present in a browser page or in a multimedia player are perfectly working, like only for those a different kind of decoding is used. While in "browser tab" mode...