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    <3 this website!
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    Unofficial Openpandora Community Blog

    aaronson911, the wifi problem is software related, and can be easily patched with a new firmware. The roadmap is till they ship the hardware.
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    Pandora Alternative

    You are missing the most important thing!
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    It Has Begun.

    No... its just the boards...
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    Huawei's Umg181

    Yeah, I would love the options, but Tmobile in the US decided to not use the universal 3G frequencies, and decided on their own (bummer) so my phone, although not carrier branded, and 3G compatible with the rest of the damn world, doesn't work with Tmo's 3G :(
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    Problem is, on a 3G modem (at least in the US) VoIP calls are against the ToS
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    Pandora Pandora Panic

    I also recommend to use Pickle's Code::Blocks GP2X devkit if you are going to be doing any GP2X dev since project files are setup to be compatible with this. Hope that clarifies things a little. This info is supposed to be on our wiki... although it may need updating. I actually just...
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    Pandora Pandora Panic

    So, I think I am going to make something for this, now to check if my idea hasn't been taken already, and to flesh out what my idea is :P EDIT: Just a quick note, its giving errors on compile, it cant find SDL_rotozoom, but when I went to get that library, it says (on their site) its been...
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    Killing Time

    I always check the unofficial blog first, then use their link to come here, as more often then not, they have the official news up their within hours. To kill time? Youtube + games.
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    Huawei's Umg181

    Hey, I searched and couldn't find any information on this device (using google, and I searched the forums). The Huawei's UMG181 is the only one to work with Tmobile USA's 3G network, so I was wondering if anyone knew if: a) it would be compatible with the pandora (I read it works with Intrepid...
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    Pandora People Map

    Well, someone is either being stupid or they have no clue how to use google maps, as my peg was in NYC, but is now somewhere in germany... O_O
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    *legal* Emulation Resources

    Great job there! Currently, the site is having some problems, but hosts pretty much every single C64 game/program/demo out there. They have contacted numerous people to get distribution rights for the software. Also, just google to see all of their subdomains (they...
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    Promoting The Pandora Via Youtube

    They used an obscure European law to take us all down, but I'd be interested to see what laws they would use in regards to the PS1 discs being used on the Pandora. It's the kind of case which would be interesting, it's not as black and white as some people would have you believe. Oh and back to...
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    Release Earthbound/Fire Emblem inspired RPG idea -- Feedback wanted

    Sounds a bit like the Paper Mario Battle System, 2D overworld/Platformer, Turn based Battles
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    I'm interested in becoming a Pandora dev?

    Code::Blocks is for every platform, and is amazing! I used to use DevC++, but after using Code::Blocks, I cant go back!