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    Wiz Display... Burned? Broken?

    OK, thanks. I still have this older developer version of the Wiz, which *might* still have a working display, but I can't get the case to open (without breaking it). Maybe I will try later with brute force, as that thing is unusable anyways... I first have to see if the normal Wiz is easier to...
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    Wiz Display... Burned? Broken?

    Hi!   I just found my Wiz again and thought I have to fire it up again, to see if it works. This is the result.   The pixels look burned or whatever, never seen something like this happen to a display. Any idea how I...
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    New Wiz Wont Charge - Usb Over Current Notice

    I hope not balls, because...
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    Looking For An Old Snes 3D Shmup

    Sounds like Starfox to me... too obvious? o.O
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    Wiz D-Pad Mod. Now You Can Have Great Control!

    It just makes the pivot bigger, giving you a longer way to push down a direction, making it harder to accidently push two directions at once, in short, it gives you more control :-) Nice mod, DaveC, I think I'm going to try it once I can get my hands on a soldering iron.
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    Release Official Blog Post (Did Somebody Say "let It Begin?")

    I haven't really been following the Pandora development, but my interest has been awakened now. Can someone tell me, what that machine will cost, once it's done? I don't see any chance for me of not buying it...
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    News From Gph

    Exactly what I thought.
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    Scummvm: 1.0.0 "preview 1" Releases For The Gp2X And Wiz

    Sam'n'Max & Day of the Tentacle are working fine for me, I'm using the converted monster.so3 for DotT and monster.sog for SnM. Didn't notice any loss of audio after saving... but that may be because I quit the game after that :-D I did notice some sound issues with Monkey Island 2, the music...
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    Pocket Gamer Reviews Wiz

    What's that part about the pivot?! Don't tell me they removed it o.O We were begging so much for it and I am so happy that the Wiz I've got still has it!
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    Also, volume buttons do not work (yes I know you can adjust the volumen in the menu), and I wasnt able to enter anything when finishing the game, it just hung there at the input field.
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    Gp2X Wiz "tower Defense" Coding Competition

    I'm hoping for the same :-) But it won't be as nice without Crazy Dave!
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    Wiz Performance Not As Expected?

    I'm also trying some Fenix applications / games on the Wiz, and compared to the gp2x, they run a hell of a lot faster! I was actually quite surprised, as this opens so much more possibilities for Fenix games on the Wiz!
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    I second that... can't wait for a total fw replacement including gmenu like I have it on the 2X. I hope it will come, and i hope it will come fast :-D
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    Development Tools

    Bennu is the direct successor to Fenix, similar in many ways, with less flaws and more speed. Hope there will be Bennu for the Wiz some time :-D
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    Hold Button The Wiz

    Isnt the hold button just there to prevent any button presses if you have the wiz playing mp3 from inside your pocket? Like the hold button of any other mp3 players, or even the psp?