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    Ds Homebrew

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    Games That Only You Like...

    I love Picross. It's one of those games that you just have to try before you understand the addiction. Try and explain to someone what it is about and how to play it and you just get blank looks.
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    Original Xbox - Recommendations

    On a bit of a whim we picked up a second hand Xbox (old Xbox not the 360) from GAME and I was wondering what games everyone recommends? I'm also hoping to mod it as well if possible so if you have any recommendations for applications to run on it throw those my way as well. Thanks in...
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    Left Or Right Brain

    I see her going clockwise and couldn't get her to flip the other way until I stared at the foot she is standing on. Only thing is once I get her to flip I can't get it to go back the other way unless I leave it for a while. When I come back to it fresh she is moving clockwise again. I...
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    Just Got A Dreamcast

    £25 quid seems to be a regular price for bundles on eBay but normally you'd get a few games chucked in with that for the price. I think that's what I paid for mine with a few games. Although the games included were a bit crappy. (apart from Chu Chu Rocket which is excellent but everyone got...
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    Just Got A Dreamcast

    NesterDC SE (Special Edition) is a nifty little NES emulator and very easy to set up. Point it at your rom folder and it will download all the relevant screen shots, box art, instructions, etc then pack it all into one image ready to burn to CD-R. Dreamcast Scene is a good site. So is...
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    Guinness World Records, Videogame Edition 2008

    I did have my doubts but I tried it out in MAME and it did let me place a T shape into a spot that say the Game Boy version wouldn't let me as long as I placed it in the right place and then quickly rotated it to make it line up before it "stuck". I'm my opinion that shouldn't really be...
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    Guinness World Records, Videogame Edition 2008

    Yeah, that bit at 50 seconds with the orange L shape. You would't be able to do that move in the versions of Tetris I've played.
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    Downloading Multiple Zip Files Simultaneously

    Ah that is perfect. :) I'm trying it out now.
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    Downloading Multiple Zip Files Simultaneously

    I thought I'd ask here as you guys normally know what programs are best for which job. What I want is a way to download several zip files that are listed on a web page without having to sit there and click on each one by one. I have a program that does this with image files but not zip...
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    Riddle Me This

    notepad was useless for me. Wordpad was better once I used the right font.
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    Riddle Me This

    Seven was a doozy. Only I can't remember how I did it now. The way I thought I did it comes up with the wrong answer. :blink: tip: write down your answers in notepad or somewhere similar (you will need them later) and also write a small note on how you did it so you have something to...
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    Riddle Me This

    You're on the right track. Do you know your alphabet?
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    Ultimate Nintendo Fanbody

    I thought that picture was to do with that shirt ninja thing everyone was doing a couple of years ago. It just shows you how people can misread things. There is a setting on photobucket so that nosey sods like me can't follow a picture's url back and look through your whole gallery. ;)...
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    Your Favorite Homebrew Games?

    GPSmash with it's bazillion characters that you can now add to your game. ;)