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    Not yet. Preorders for the next batch will probably start after the first batch has shipped out.
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    I Think This One Can Skip Youtube

    QFT. As much as I love Nintendo's D-Pads, the second gen Saturn D-Pad is by far my favorite (great for 2D games and amazing for fighters). *hugs Saturn USB controller for all the wonderful times with GGPO*
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    Fs: Gp2x W/2gb Sd Card And More!

    EDIT: SOLD! Thanks for the offers, everybody! Selling: A GP2X that is in good condition. The firmware is 3.0, and it comes with the Quick User Manual, the CD, USB cable, wrist strap and the original Value Pack box, although the box itself is beat up. It also comes with: - 2GB SanDisk SD Card...
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    Have: Ds Lite With R4 Card Want: Gp2x

    I've also got a GP2X that I'd be willing to trade: it's a value pack one, so it's not an MK-1, but it comes with the USB cable, TV-out cable, 2GB SanDisk SD card, a GameStop case that fits the GP2X fine, six rechargable batteries, and a 30-minute RadioShack charger. PM me if you're interested in it.
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    How Good Is Emulation On The Gp2x?

    I tried Mother 3 on gpSP(250 Mhz) for about the first ten minutes(including a battle) and it runs fine. Not so sure if boss battles/other events that happen later in the game work though.
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    Best Deals On Gp2x?

    Yeah, eBay's your best bet for your price range. In fact, I finally won an auction a couple of days ago for $124.50(including shipping).