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    [SOLD] Selling my second Unused 1GHz Pandora

    I'm selling my second Pandora - Never used. Excellent condition, since it's been kept in the protective foam game in the box in a draw - and still has the protective screen film on Really wanted to sell it to the community rather than random ebay person who doesn't know what these are. The...
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    WTB Pandora (Rebirth) 1 Ghz

    Did you get one?
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    Release ZeroBrane Studio

    @edgex004 Thanks for this port of ZeroBrane Studio, and also including Löve. I'm a bit of a fan of ZBS after didn't get on with Eclipse LDT on my main machine - and ZBS has been very productive for me for Lua. (Been using command line for most work until now when on my Pandora). (For everyone...
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    How to find (Code::Blocks) PND crash

    An update: So, I moved Code::Blocks over to my other SD Card - from my temporary moving card (SanDisk - it says) to my main card. And it appears better....  
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    How to find (Code::Blocks) PND crash

    Hmm... I'm getting occasional similar GUI broken messages, even after a removed AppData folder. On the positive side I've built my recent game under Code::Blocks, and with a couple of tweaks it runs fine. Debugger exits with code 1, but I suspect that's a set up problem (it was debugging OK...
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    How to find (Code::Blocks) PND crash

    Hmm... worked much better ... still getting "./src/common/menucmn.cpp(173): assert "!GetParent()" failed in SetInvokingWindow() should only be called for top level popup menus" I wonder if I should get rid of AppData folder?  
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    How to find (Code::Blocks) PND crash

    Tonight got around to taking a look at things. Found the log in /tmp/pndrun_codeblocks.out. Thought I needed to check what the crash was, and if it was consistent before publishing stuff. Also the first two times it crashes just after loading a project. The third, fourth and fifth times it...
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    How to find (Code::Blocks) PND crash

    Hi all, For a few months I've had the situation where Code::Blocks crashes (quits) sometime after loading a project - even a newly created one. This hasn't bothered me until recently -  I've been using C++ compiler (and various interpreters) from the command line - so hasn't stopped me working...
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    Pandora Building SDL2 and getting something working on the Pandora...

    I stumbled over various stupid things. Here are some hopefully step-by-step instructions to getting SDL2 working... Comments welcome.  (P.S. As I said in this post, all the clever bits are by ptitSeb)
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    Code::Blocks setup (using SDL2)

    Hi, So I finally got around to doing some Pandora building of my project after some help a while back from ptitSeb. I got SDL2 building and installed into Code::Blocks and my code runs!!! (Hurrah!) However, I had to 'hard code' the include and libraries into my Code::Blocks project.  I...
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    SDL2 builds

    SDL2 builds
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    SuperZaxxon v.54 Final has been released!

    Also... I had a random Pandora Test version where the PNDStore was borked. Copying it across on SDcard was ok ... but nice to have it back  :D
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    SuperZaxxon v.54 Final has been released!

    Thanks to Pickle!   :) Upgraded last night before read this thread... oops .. no WiFi. Tried Bluetooth (before my morning coffee... too complex). This evening tried old USB-Eth adaptor... no go. Start-up settings for WiFi and reboot allowed WiFi to work for upgrade...
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    Got pandora: Thank you all ... community funded preorder

    If I can get SDL2 working, I'll port my remake of Gulpman.  (That's what my profile pic is of)./ 
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    Got pandora: Thank you all ... community funded preorder

    I was just glad to get the Pandora itself. I actually asked for a case as well ... but I've got one from when I placed an order a few weeks ago on DragonBox, so I'm not too fussed. A few quid for a case is nothing compared with losing the hardware cost. I'm just glad the community and...