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    Where To Find Gp32 Blu+ ?

    I would love to get a NLU - was my first GP32 - I've had an NLU, FLU and BLU+ now... NLU was still the best!
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    Waiting For My Gp32

    You know most of them are out there already cracked right?
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    Nice game! really enjoying it!
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    Can't seem to get this to run on my Blu+ hangs at the loading screen :-) what am I doing wrong?
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    Waiting For My Gp32

    Niiiiice - I gave all my boxed games to my son when he started collecting GB and GBA. Miss the Dungeon and Guarder box art! :-(
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    I can't get the GP32 SMC Formatter to work

    Sounds like firmware to me... could it be re-flashed?
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    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    OK, I said I got a new GP32 to mess around on and I'm having a blast, loving playing through Dungeon and Guarder and Tomak... Why oh why did I ever abandon the GP32 for the PSP :-( Back in the day I had a FLU so never bothered, This has me wondering... Was there ever a definitive way to tell...
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    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    Hey Gang! I'm recently back too... Sadly I'm now on a BLU+ so Balloon and Balloon wont play :-( Nice to see some people are still around! Space
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    Coming Back To Gp32 Blu+ Help! !

    Hope there are still folks out there? I'm an ex GP32er. Way back when I owned an NLU and a FLU. I've recently allowed nostalgia to overtake me and bought a very nice boxed BLU. I still have my SMC including an orig little wizard! Trouble is nothing works. I know this is a BLU+ issue...