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    Waves hello again

    Hello all, I haven't been around in a while and I'm amazed and glad the place is still going, how are we all, are any of the original members still active? Clare.
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    What Is Everyone Doing These Days?

    Gosh I haven't been here in ages, what have I been doing? Been playing a lot with the Vita, 3DS XL, Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet, Wii U and am currently excited about the PS4 which should arrive in 9 days.   Also I have ordered myself an interesting HTC one knock off phone called a Cubot one, I...
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    Bennu Help

    Ah right, that now makes sense :) Addition: Thanks for that, I have half got Myriad working on the Caanoo now.
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    Bennu Help

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there's an English version of the Bennu manual. I'm having problems migrating some old Fenix projects over. One problem I am having is it appears Bennu doesn't appear to like the graph command and gives me the following error: error: Unknown identifier ( token...
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    How Many Have Moved To Smartphones?

    I got fed up of having two or three devices in my handbag as it was getting rather heavy. After getting my iPhone 3GS about a year ago it has revolutionised the way I compute/game on the move, and I really love IOS4 too, plus having an external battery plug in helps a lot with battery life. I...
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    Pc Driving Game Advice

    Hi All, I need a bit of advice from anyone out there who loves driving games on the PC, here's my predicament: A little while back I bought an all singing and dancing new graphics card (Zotac GTX260 216 Core supplied with the game "Grid") and it's blazingly fast, it plays Crysis with...
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    Wanted: Original Royalty-Free Photos

    Here's some more random images: A GP2X Render: One of the many wildlife around my town: I saw someone taking a photo of the sea, so I took a photo of him :) An old part of our Uni: It's rough out there: I took this on a staff away day: An accidental picture while I was riding my...
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    Is There A Problem?

    I think the OpenPandora team should donate a Pandora to the Gadget Show and get them to show it off. This may pick up media interest and possibly motivate more devs to get the old coding hats on :D
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    What Was Wrong With The Old Forum Format

    Your wish is my command, in other words, DONE! :) Clare.
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    Pcsx4All Compatibility List

    What I did on the original lists (Checklist) was to have 3 layers, SuperAdmins, Admins and Users. SuperAdmins have total control over the site, Admins can add, and edit the site content and emulators/systems etc. Users can update statuses, add comments etc. I did once have it public access but...
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    Pcsx4All Compatibility List

    Well the way the site will be structured you can add just about anything there that needs a compatibility list. I could probably add sub headings for handhelds, consoles, computer systems, OS's or whatever we like! The data there at the moment is just test data, and could be wiped and start...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you Babes, It's been a great day so far. Toodles, Clare. xx
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    Quake 1 (With Nanogl)

    You could have mouse mode but with certain thresholds, leaving the analogue movement beyond the d-pad threshold, would that be possible?
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    Happy Birthday!

    Whoow thanks Sony, We're having a knees up on Saturday so it should be quite fun :)