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    Microphone usage with ALSA?

    I noticed that lingot is in the repo. Here is how it works. Set Audio System to OSS. Audio device to /dev/adsp Lower the noise threshold. :rolleyes:
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    LCD Refresh is visible

    My thoughts: Every LCD has some kind of inversion scheme. Its technically necessary. Look here ( on your desktop monitor, depending the monitor, at least one of those patterns will flicker or show something scanline-alike (top to bottom, left to right...
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    [Mostly SOLVED] - Installation of XMMS and Bluetooth settings?

    Just want to write down my experiences with bluetooth audio: First, I connected my headset (in fact, it is a bluetooth motorbike intercom) to pandora. Then, I did the modifications to .asoundrc. Ok, mplayer works somehow (also freezes here). XMMS installation via opkg fails. I tried 1000 other...
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    Release Blender

    Thank you. Blender on pandora is a very nice experiment. I still hope for a native GLES-Port of the BlenderPlayer (this is basically Blender itself) so we could make a bunch of GLES-Games without too much programming. Someone here worked on it. Hey, ptitSeb, you could change one specific...
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    Release Blender

    Awesome! Works on old 256MB-Pandora and better than I thought. Its actually speedy enough to create basic models. Rendering is slow, I expected that. Using a real keyboard+mouse is recommended. Hint: Blender has a built in (texture) painting tool. Switch from 3D-View to Image/Texture edit...
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    Release Enigma

    Sorry bro... was mine ;),0,0,0,25,174 Or did you also ported it? Btw: I also did some 800x480-stuff, mainly to support touchscreen on the black border left and right of the playfield. Thought it worked pretty good. While playing I am...
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    Design discussion

    Display: Keep resistive touch, add brightness slider: http://www.recycledg..._41993_zoom.jpg See that slider on the right? Great! I hate software solutions for simple problems. L1/L2 R1/R2: Not on top of each other but side by side, L1 and R1 smaller than on Pandora1 and pushable on the...
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    Better nubs on p2

    The nubs, their firmware-bit or the driver really have a deadzone (it changes sometimes between calibrations) and definitely this whole calibration thingy is a bit odd. And you never know if their calibration is ok to reach the circular outer edge of all possible values. Its annoying in Descent...
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    You are completely right. Fingerpainting is for kids. Edit: This is what I don't understand. Those fancy tablets here and there look like a writing pad / clipboard but its not possible to just WRITE on them (except they have a resistive or better, an inductive screen). Biggest design fail...
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    Typing? Not yet. There is still no real client. Want to have the backend rock solid, extensible (and fast) first. Its the hardest task I think. I will not forget you two ;) . I need a bit more time. Things will progress slower because I got a new job.
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    Thread blocking issue (slow drawing, stuttering) solved. Now: Extensive testing. Next: Fun part (the actual application).
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    Progress: I am still working with only one tile that is shared/synchronized between multiple clients and the server. There is no infinite surface yet. Its possible to draw simultaneously on all clients on that one tile. The synchronization of tiles now works like svn, maybe a bit different...
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    I already have in mind to implement some pen tips (smooth, hard, round, square) to add variety and to satisfy the artists here, but not for first release. Antialias, pen tips, brushes are not easy to implement when it should be really useful. Maybe too many functions destroy my idea of...
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    You are right. Makes things easier. How about that: There are 4 configurable pens (ABXY-Buttons or icon on GUI). To switch between them, just push one of the buttons. Each of the pens is configurable in size, grayscale value and thats all. By default, one of the buttons could be a big white...
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    Release My Rebirth Competition concept: Whitespace

    I thought of very basic tools: no colors, only grayscale, a thin pen, a thicker pen, an eraser, lines and boxes. Very clean and very easy.