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    Hey I do not want to be an ass about it, I understand you are a busy person, but could you check...

    Hey I do not want to be an ass about it, I understand you are a busy person, but could you check the PM/Conversation I started. Other than that I hope you have a wonderful day ^^
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    Wrapping everything up!

    Its been a while since I last logged in, life just got really busy so I didn't have much time to check the boards and for the few times I did, not much time to interact. But I'm glad to see that things are moving along, im still excited for when I will get my Pyra! I'm reading this post a little...
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    Well, youtube died. . .

    So I'm not the only one :D No stupid youtube comments!!!! But that like the best part of the youtube experience. So that's why I didn't notice. Not only is the basic html version less bloated its also ad free :D
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    Adequate for note taking?

    Due to not buying my Surface 3 (it was given to me), I didn't have the luxury to return mine and try to get another one. So my experience with it is bad, mine has a lot of dead pixels, issues with charging and the brightness keys don't work after I 'upgraded' to Windows 10. I'm not complaining...
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    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    If you ever do end up making a external charger, can you please share the process of how you did it? I'm interested in making one for my self, but have no idea where start. (I have never dealt with charging lithium nor do I want to, 9v are where its ha for personal electronic projects! :D)
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    Disableing webcam on notebook

    I honestly enjoy the off topic discussions that happen in news posts!:D
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    CG Art Image Thread

    Here is something I made in blender. I thought it might be appropriate for this thread.:) The skybox(Sphere) was fun, I painted it in blender on a sphere then used the texture as an 'HDR' for the render.
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    Adequate for note taking?

    Agreed:D. (Maybe not with some of the expletives, I don't like being too rude or rambunctious, but to each their own) I do own a surface and I am looking foreword to replacing this hunk of junk with the Pyra. But what am I going to replace onenote with? I did look at some open source note taking...
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    Any grapic artists that work with retro games here?

    You can give a try and scale it with the "pixelated selection quality" :D I know its 'windows only' but I had it running in wine once on my Ubuntu setup Hopefully this helps out, if not I hope it at least worth a try.
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    Passed the certification!

    Brains +o( new Newssssss Brains new Newss +o( Brains more News
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    What are you going to do when you first get your Pyra

    I don't call often and when I do I usually use speakerphone, I mostly just text & use data.
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    What are you going to do when you first get your Pyra

    If we are talking literally, I might film myself unboxing it. I usually don't do videos but I feel that with a product like the Pyra it needs every bit coverage it can get. Plus I want to actually contribute to the community some how.:D
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    What are you going to do when you first get your Pyra

    I'm exited to stick two 512gb sd cards and filling it with movies & tv, its going to be the perfect media device. It can have a lot of storage & hook up to a tv for watching on the big screen. Also it will most likely become a phone replacement for me.
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    Passed the certification!

    I haven't looked into this at all so if anyone can just tell me what cards to buy for the Pyra? I want to have 2x512gb cards or something close unless they are slow and will crap out sooner then if I go with a smaller size. What's the best brand of card to buy? Also, can someone tell me whats...
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    I am out ...

    Life is the bitch sometimes, hopefully, things will eventually work out for you, I wish you the best of luck! :)