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    Dutch Pandora Community

    Hi, I think you should look at It's the Dutch distributor for the GP2X and there's also a Dutch GP2X community. It's probably the best place for a Dutch Pandora community. I don;t think it would be a good idea to start typing in other languages on this forum. Regards, Yos-T
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    Playing Youtube (flv) Files On The Gp2x

    I always use avidemux
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    Is Multitasking Possible?

    It's probably possible to have swap space, but the only place you can put it is a sd card or the on board flash. Since flash is slow and not made for heavy writing, these are not good options. Files over 128MB can still be used. It's not necessary to have the whole file in RAM at the same time...
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    Is Multitasking Possible?

    The Pandora will come with linux, so yes, multitasking will be possible. If there will be an easy way of bringing a task to the foreground (like ATL+TAB), I don't know, but it can be done. With only 128MB ram and no swap you will run out of memory pretty quick if you want to run several big...
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    Request: Dual Boot

    Linux has runlevels for this. There is no need for a dual boot. You're going to want to boot to linux everytime. The applications that are started can be controlled by editing /etc/inittab. You can edit the sysinit script to decide which runlevel you want to use. Also I think that the...
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    Planning To Buy A Gp2x

    QUOTE - how does the transfering work? do I plug a USB cable from GP2X >> laptop, or do I need to get a SD card reader for my laptop? Both ways work, but a card reader is much faster. QUOTE - is there any 'noting' software available? it would be nice to make notes on it, especially with...
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    If you use a tree you don't need to sort. A tree is already sorted. You could of course implement a hash table yourself if it isn't available in Fenix.
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    Pc Engine Emulation

    Depends on which emulator you use. It probably is in the readme file where you should put the roms.
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    GP2X Debugging Issue Under Devc++

    If it is a problem between DevC++ and GDB just use GDB to debug your program. Also check if you compile with the -g flag.
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    Hey Should I Be Worried?

    No worries. Probably just empty batteries. Try some fresh ones and you should be ok.
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    Is It Still Possible To Buy The Old Gp2x?

    apparently they still sell them here:;language=en The shop is located in the Netherlands and it's not the most reliable shop. I got mine there, only I got an carry case instead of a tv-out cable I ordered, but otherwise I didn't have any...
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    Flash On Linux On Gp2x

    There are a few flashplayers in the archive ( -> search for "flash"). None of them are perfect but you could try to make your game run on one of those.
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    Sd Wireless Card?

    I don't think anyone has this working yet. Drivers are mostly not open source. Ivanix seems to be working on a driver for a wifi sdio card. see:
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    Pg For Dosbox - Lg For Linux Or Panzer Assault For Palm?

    There is a port of LGeneral :,0,0,0,29,1315. You may also like Crimson Fields,0,0,0,29,1378, I think it's a similar game. And check the rest of the archive, there's lot's of great stuff there.
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    GP2X Can't Compile .c File (uses Sdl) To .o (using Devkitgp2x)

    You don't really need a makefile for compiling one source file. You can compile with arm-linux-gcc.exe -c gp2x_sdl_mixer.c -I<path to SDL.h>. -I tells the preprocessor where to look for include files. If you want to use the makefile copy it to your source dir. Change "TARGET = sdltest.gpe" to...