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    It's the details that take longest (Part 1)

     Since we're being curious, I'm pretty sure adductor pollicis is 'inward-moving muscle of the thumb' - the one that moves it towards the other fingers. It's the name for one of the things in there, not the overall structure. As for thenar space I sort of suspect something similar: apparently...
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    Feedback on

    I don't think a thumb-down is a good way to respond to something "broken or otherwise problematic". I could see merit in a system analogous what we have on these message boards: thumbs up if you want to recommend it to others, do nothing if you don't (i.e. if you dislike it or don't care much...
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    It's here [Pandora delivered]

    No, it's something about SD Mass Storage just like Mr_Loon suggested. That will unmount the card you choose from the pandora's filesystem and make it available to the desktop computer instead. USB Host is kind of the opposite. In the scenario we're trying to achieve, it's the desktop machine...
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    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    What do you call a man lying down in front of an entry door? Matt.
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    Which version?

    Off-topic, false-friend warning: actual means 'tatsächlich', 'eigentlich' aktuell translates to current
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    "Respects Your Freedom" certification?

    Jumping into the conversation from the side here, but ... I agree with you that nobody's saying "I don't want a device with a RYF label on it", per se. But there's an argument to be made against pursuing that label in the first place: it'll take work and time, and it'll force certain choices in...
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    Polar Pen - Magnetic pen/stylus

    I can't understand why. Ballpoints have been a solved problem since the Caran d'Ache 849. </patriotism>
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    Trying to find a fair solution

    The problem here is that the Rebirth costs only a few dollars less to produce than the GHz. By the time you're funding a new Rebirth at cost, you might as well choose the GHz.
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    TV Out Cable: Time to Mass produce! (2013-06-22)

    As long as you don't need Craig himself to do anything, it's not so bad. In my few interactions with the Rothwell Dimension I've found Jacquelyn to be responsive, helpful and polite (though it may have helped that most of those times I was telling them that I wanted to send them some money).
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    Idea to maintain community after P2

    The same posts would likely still happen though; they'd just be in Pandora:General instead.
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    Didn't you get a plastic case containing the battery? Afaict that's the same plastic and paint; so you can experiment on that without touching even the non-obvious bits of your pandora.
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    Trying to find a fair solution

    I'm not sure what you're getting at, but if the question here is "will paying put me on another list waiting to be served?": No. Ed has said repeatedly that he will not accept payment unless he has the product in question ready to mail out. If you express interest in this option, it's possible...
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    Names for GNU/Linux that you like

    But that's only relevant if this specific style of freedom!!eleventyone! happens to be your mission. So the GNU projects and their friends don't have a monopoly in the field of computer software? You could legitimately refer to that situation as free-er (in a 'freedom of choice' sense) than the...
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    More donations through lottery

    This is one of those questions where the short answer is 'no', and the long answer is 'hell no'. To preorderers who haven't kept up with the situation this will look like a bunch of scammers trying to extract even more money from the gullible. Preorderers who know the problem and don't have a...
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    Bad films that are actually good