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    PND Package Requests

    is it possible to pack omapfbplay as a pnd? would it even work on the pandora? thank you for the attention
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    Pandora Ncurses-Musicplayer "cplay" On The Pandora

    I am happy to see that this works on the pandora. I already tried to get cplay running on the pandora but I got trouble to get ncurses to work on it. I am already used to cplay on my PC and have an addition for your list of cli players. It is the 'test' aplication of the vgmstream libary. It is...
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    A New Visual Experience In Emulated Games

    You are right, this would require the other emulator windows of Snes9x to give feedback to the other windows if the 'run into wall' or other conditions are met (there are triggers in the RAM anyway), but that would require again game specific code. Maybe a combination of game specific code and...
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    A New Visual Experience In Emulated Games

    Could be there a more general implementation of that on the /per emulator level?? I imagine the Legend of Zelda example above: 1. I open the first window of the emulated game, it renders normal in Snes9x. 2. I open a second instance of Snes9x on my Pandora and place the emulator Window...
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    A New Visual Experience In Emulated Games

    Hello, i made a few example pictures at the bottom to show what I mean. The most emulators render their images whithin the range of the native resolution of the emulated system. But if you use this method on a device that has a bigger resolution than the emualted system (for example the screen...
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    Release Hotfix 2 For Zaxxon Released

    I do not know the reason behind this but I just wanted to add that I have the exact same problem that Hooka describes.
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    Development Bounties

    Not top priority to port but the port process itself should be fast. Crawl-Stone-Soup TOME4 these are nice games
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    [Help] Missing Python Modules / Getting To Run On Pandor

    Yes It can. A modified version that does exactly that and more can be found here Is there an alternative way to opkg to get the module files offline from the pandora ?? (for example with my Windows XP machine) I hope this helps
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    [Help] Missing Python Modules / Getting To Run On Pandor

    Hello, usually I use the script which can be found here to download Videos with my Win-XP/Debian PC at home and later I watch them with the mplayer of my Pandora. I already installed the Hotfix and Mplayer package. I thought, why not run the...