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  1. Sigurd

    Test a game!

    Hi guys! My girlfriend is doing a university project with her group and they want to get their game tested. It would be super awesome if you guys / girls would give it a try. The group is very low on participants so all feedback is appreciated. Link to the game...
  2. Sigurd

    Grooveshark HTML 5

    Hi everyone, I have been trying out diffrent webservices. Namely the public wifi we have in danish trains and the html5 version of grooveshark. I have gotten none of these to work. The problem with the public wifi is that I hang on the authentication which is done via the web browser...
  3. Sigurd

    Baldurs Gate:EE And GemRB

    Hello, I have recently purchased Baldurs Gate 1 from and am currently experiencing the awesome feeling of playing a very good RPG on the Pandora. I have had no problems running it trough gemRB 7.0.1 and everything is fine and dandy. However i was wondering, since Baldurs Gate enhanced...
  4. Sigurd

    Problems with PanDebian

    I am unsure whether this is the right forum for this topic, but here goes... I am having issues with an installation of PanDebian, everything installs fine but i can't seem to be able to open the chromium browser that i installed in pandebian. The only thing i have to go on is the error i get...
  5. Sigurd

    Problems with Firefox

    Hi guys, yet another stupid question from me today >.< I cannot seem to get Firefox open. It worked earlier today. I think it started when i tried to update Firefox via the PNDstore. I tried removing it fully and deleting the firefox folder in the appdata folder and "reinstalling the PND"...
  6. Sigurd

    [SOLVED]Problems with PSX Rearmed.

    I'm having some issues with PCSXRearmed r14 after updating to Super Zaxxon beta 5. Before i did the upgrade i could run nearly all PS 1 games without problems, now most of them seem laggy and Tekken 3 is both laggy and is sporting many graphical errors. The Graphical Errors: [image...
  7. Sigurd

    A cry for help. (TV-out cable topic)

    I would like to ask if anyone has taken up the hobby of producing tv-out cables for sale? I have been looking into making one myself but iThic does not seem to have any connectors left, and i am somewhat worried about hurting my pandora if i attempt to make one my self (even if i had the...
  8. Sigurd

    Yet another TV-OUT topic...

    Hi guys, Im having some issues with figuring out the construction of one of these cables. It seems that Peca is not selling them anymore so I guess I'd have to make one my self if I can hijack a soldering Iron. I have been mainly looking at the TinyBoB solution but im wondering how much work...
  9. Sigurd

    Problem with PCSX Rearmed r13 and Revolt

    Hi everyone, Second problem of the night, hope this one can be solved just as quickly. After having seen the update on PCSX Rearmed i decided to check it out. GOD DAMN AWESOME ... *hrm* i mean.. its very good. Because of this ive redoubled my efforts to rip my old PSX games and sure enough...
  10. Sigurd

    [SOLVED] Nubs not responding on desktop

    Hey guys, This may be an easy fix but i can't seemt to get my nubs to move the mouse courser on the desktop.. I have tested them and it seems that they respond flawlessly in the pandora input tester. Can there be any hotkey or something i have pressed on accident or what?
  11. Sigurd

    Sending an RMA

    Hey guys, i send my Pandora in for repair a coupple of weeks ago. I sent it to ED but i haven't recieved any mail correspondance or info of any kind. Is there any way to find out if he actually got it? I don't mind the wait. Just afraide that it hasn't reached its destination. :/
  12. Sigurd

    RMA'ing my Pandora to Germany?

    Im having some troubles with my pandora (see http://boards.openpa...with-my-screen/) So i was thinking about sending it in for repairs. However i am in doubt how i should do this, i have previously send it in, but to craig, but i was wondering if i could send it to ED? And if i could would i...
  13. Sigurd

    Getting VPN (hamachi) to work.

    Hi guys, I am curious to know how to install packages on the Pandora. I know there are some in the Ångström repository. But im interested in testing some 3'rd party packages in .deb and .rpm formats. Also interested if this is at all possible, eg. if the openpandora is just too unique to...
  14. Sigurd

    Problem with my screen

    I have a problem with my LCD screen, i got it back from Craig about 1½-2 months ago, where i got the whole machine replaced. Now it seems that the screen cannot go beyond about 90° without displaying errors on the screen. I also found that the center screw (close to the usb port) seems to have...
  15. Sigurd

    Pandora Hamachi for Pandora

    Would it perchance be possible to port Hamachi for the pandora, there seems to already be an arm version here: Im far from a linux software developer, but would this be as simple as packing it in a PND? Or has this perchance already been done?
  16. Sigurd

    Yarr! what be your pirate name!? Yarr! Me olde name twas Sigurd Kristensen. But i be now called: Pirate Carl the Rum-Swiller
  17. Sigurd

    Relaxed, or "chill" games for the Pandora

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests i am looking for games for my Pandora for the moments where you only have about 5-10 min of spare time. (in the train or similair location). Basicly for the moments where you don't have the time (or focus) to imerse your self in an rpg or to complete a whole...
  18. Sigurd

    My Pandora has arrived.

    I just recieved my Pandora, again :P . for starters i was pretty astonished with the shipping time, i called OP on friday and had it at my door by Monday. Considering i live in Denmark this is pretty great. I must say, everything is working perfectly especially the wi-fi which was the reason...
  19. Sigurd

    I am sad.

    I am sad, mainly because i don't yet have my Pandora. I just felt like getting that out there.
  20. Sigurd


    I was merely wondering, as im sure a lot of other people are, have Craig recieved the shipment of boards yet? And is there any news on the progress of preorders, premium orders and or repairs?