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    Hardware Ease (or not) of case disassembly?

    And subsequent reassembly. The X button on the gamepad of my 'new condition but old stock' unit is stuck in partial press, and i'm tempted to perform the titular procedure to clean it. Are there any loose\small pieces to be aware of upon undoing the screws on the case's bottom? That worries me...
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    WTB: Pandora 1GHz

    FINAL UPDATE: Just purchased a pristine 1 GHz unit on eBay. Mods, please clse this thread whenever you can get to it :) Hello folks. If you happen to have an old (but still good and functioning) Pandy 1GHz lying around, i'm ready to pony up (up to) 400 USD for it. I've looked into the cheaper...
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    OEM stylus stuck in slot.

    Hello folks. I seem utterly unable to get the stylus out of my new Pandora's stylus slot. Accordng to a friend who also attempted to extract it, there seems to be something obstructing it within the slot. I'd like advice on extracting it safely with minimal damage to my Pandy.   Thanks
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    WTB: Your unused/spare/etc 1GHz Pandora

    I foolishly sold my Rebirth system during a slow period in software releases/updates 3 or 4 years ago during which I thought the system and/or community was dying (how wrong I was), and have had strong seller's remorse ever since. If you have a GHz Pandy (in good condition) that you're not...
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    Significant power problem with year-old Rebirth Pandora.

    Despite having a near fully charged battery, my precious Pandy is having trouble booting up and staying on. It's like there's a physical object that materialises between the exposed metal of the battery and the prong thingies of the Pandy's rear at the slightest jostle. The only possible cause's...
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    Lurker Selling Gently Used Caanoo (Us Only)

    Hello folks. I am a longtime lurker who is selling his mint Caanoo (white version) via eBay to upgrade his Pandora order to a premium. I thought that the community should be aware of this, to increase the chances of it getting a loving home :) Continental US buyers only, and also be advised that...