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    Process Question

    Hiya all, I'm just revisiting fenix after a few months (too much real life got in the way!), and im having a spot of bother with a process, just wondering if any of you can see what I am doing wrong. I'm concentrating on the opening sequence at the moment, using a variable "v_selected" to...
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    Use A Gp2x As A Pc Usb Joystick?

    Hiya all, My m$ sidewinder gamepad for my pc has finally packed in, and I was about to go and pick up a new controller, then I wondered about my 2x.. I'm just wondering if it is possible to use it as a pc gamepad instead of a disk drive when connected to my pc? :blink: If it's not...
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    Platformer: Jumping /gravity

    Hiya all, I've started very early work on a platform game in Fenix (yay!). I've used the wonderful source from FenixOnFire: Tiles by Moogle as a base for it, as its level editor and scrolling/collisions (and animation!) would save me a ton of work. The original source is for an 8-way top-down...
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    Language Advice

    Hello all, I'm interested in learning game development for the '2x, so I'm just wondering if any of you have any suggestions on which way I should go. I've developed games for windows (if you can call it developing!) using Multimedia Fusion (1.5) for quite a number of years & I'm fluent in...
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    Clickteam & The 2x

    Anyone remember a while back that Clickteam were possibly going to create a converter for applications created in their Multimedia Fusion program, so that they would run on the 2x? Just found out that a new version of Multimedia Fusion has just come out, and was wondering if anyone knew whether...