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    How to install Android on your Pandora

    I have got the classic edition and I have just installed Android as described by ED at the beginning of this thread. It is really slow and most apps crash. Is there a solution for this problem?
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    Mame4All V1.1 For Dingoo Native Released

    I also own a commodore 1702 monitor (see: that comes in a warm brown colour. I love old tube monitors.  Hooking the dingoo with Slaneesh's new mame emulator to an old monitor is a good way to play old arcade games.. 
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    Mame4All V1.1 For Dingoo Native Released

    you are right absolutely right, it's the Commodore 1084S-D2. I use it for my c64 and for my amiga (and for the dingoo)
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    Mame4All V1.1 For Dingoo Native Released

    great! Thank for you this!  
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    Canabalt On The Caanoo

    there is also another version coded by Mr. SID: both versions are awesome
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    Release Gngeo 0.8.2

    same problem here. Which mame versions are supported by Gngeo?
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    Release Midori 0.3.6

    this is a great browser, but the flash player is not perfect. I have a simfy account ( somethin like spotify). Unfortunately, the flash music player does not work. this is really sad. the pandora would have been the perfect simfy player since the iphone app is crap and crashes all...
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    PUAE - Harddisk Emulation

    Perfekt, das hat geholfen. whdload klappt jedenfalls bereits gut. Für die AGA-Demos ist der EMU aber zu wenig optimiert.
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    PUAE - Harddisk Emulation

    Ich würde gerne das Verzeichnis (ORdner mit Unterordner, kein image) mit der Harddisk, welches ich bei UAE verwende, auch bei PUAE auf der Pandora einbinden. Leider ist beim GUI im Harddisk Menu der untere Bereich abgeschnitten. Ich gehe davon aus, dass man das Verzeichnis auch durch eine...
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    Got Your Pandora? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    got mine today - unbelievable, but true!
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    Got Your Pandora? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    strange, I ordered mine on October 1 2008 2.06 pm CET and still got nothing.
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    Cancel Pandora And Refund Money Or Go Bankrupt And Be A Hermit.

    ha ha, this is a kick ass topic-name. to a certain extent this pandora was pure pain so far. I am happy that I do not visit these forums regularly. Although the hardware is to a certain extent already outdated now, I am sure that the waiting will be worth it. My queue position is between 1000...
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    Tell Us Non-Amiga Guys What The Best Of Amiga Are :)

    chaos engine sensible soccer stunt car racer
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    If $100 Each? Dingoo Or Wiz?

    Dingoo looks better than the WIZ, I like the dual booting. Dingoo has no fuxxing proprietary usb cable (I love standard usb cables, I really, really hate proprietary usb cables). If I had to trash one of them I would keep the Dingoo (although I prefer playing MAME-Outrun on the WIZ).
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    32X On Picodrive

    PS 3 is quite tricky to emulate. However, I got at least 25 FPS on Picodrive (Wiz)
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    E-Uae With Cyclone?

    Is PSPUAE that fast? The last version I have tried was pretty slow. I guess I have to try the latest version. PS: I would also love to have an amiga emulator with AGA and hard drive emulation to get the ultimate portable whdload experience.
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    Gamepark Vm-100 - The "other" Gp2X Wiz :o)

    I do not agree. The only good design was the GP32. GP2X, WIZ and VM-100 are ugly.
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    Extremely Dissapointed After Buying Dingoo

    I love to connect my dingoo to my commodore 1702 monitor and to my hifi system with the included tv out cable. This gives me the perfect arcade machine feeling.
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    Finally, my xd adapter arrived. to be on the safe side, I bought a 128MB xd card. From now on, I do not have to fear anymore the death of the expensive smcs each time I change the roms for the Mame4All emulator. Any experience with bigger cards? 256MB or even higher?
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    Mame4All Gp32 V1.0

    the same problems here with the smcs. my blu killed at least 5 smc. I had a normal gp32 before and never experienced this. However, when I bought the BLU I gave the gp32 to my brother. I hate SMC, the only mistake gamepark did with the gp32