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    Pqi 4gb Sd-card

    Hi, Im thinking of buying an PQI sd card 4GB with 150 X speed but I´m not sure about the compatibility. PQI´s site doesn´t tell if it uses sdhc so can anyone confirm me if it works with gp2x. Thanks :)
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    The Underclocking Thread

    Hi, I think that we should make a thread where you could post your underclockings on all software available for gp2x. Underclocking saves our batterys a lot and many programs work fine on smaller values than 200 mhz. So here is all programs that I have tired to underclock: Nethack: 50 mhz, a...
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    Port: X-moto

    Could someone port X-Moto to gp2x? You can find it from It uses opengl, but if egoboo has been ported I don´t see why X-Moto couldn´t. It would be awesome to play it on-the-go! :D
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    Has Anyone Tired

    Hi, I was just wondering if it would be possible to mod an usb port to my tv-out cable. If it´s possible could someone tell me the easyiest way to do it. Thanks for your help in advance! :)
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    Sd Cards

    Hi! Does the speed of the sd-card affect playing movies? Is 66x speed good for everything?