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    A Little Big Adventure

    I would offer to find someone to translate the French comments if necessary. HZ :ph34r:
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    gp Rise of the triads

    Very exciting! HZ :ph34r:
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    Doing a report at college... (GP32 related)

    Just out of curioisty What are the definitions of the actual assignment. I know you are writing a report about Homebrew, but based upon what? What Class? Why? What is the professor's objective? HZ :ph34r: p.s. sounds very interesting whatever it is...
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    Yeah - The Williams Versions Arcade stuff and the Atari Arcade stuff for the SNES actually play very well (SFX is screwed up however) on the GP32 Check them out... HZ :ph34r:
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    New version of Handy-Lynx released

    Nice! And Great news!!!! HZ :ph34r:
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    Soo excited

    A - You're gonna love it - and this is a great community as well. Let us know what you think when you get it. Atari 800 and Little John are my favorite emulators at the moment. HZ :ph34r:
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    Snes 9x screen stretch

    Mash - Why are you here? 32 posts seems like quite a lot of wasted time. What do you do with your gp32 if you have one? HZ :ph34r:
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    How cool is this thing!!!

    Let me stare! They're jealous! :lol: HZ :ph34r:
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    Chu chu rocket????

    Why note write the EMU author (and depending upon his time perhaps he could look into it...) A long shot - but perhaps... HZ :ph34r:
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    Unfair to Intelleco

    Agree and appreciate Intelleco's efforts - however, at the very least he should have made some notes/statements about the state that it was in and that he didn't have the time to get it to where he promised it would be - or something came up. Something that helps people to understand why it's...
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    Vote for your next Emulator wish!

    Although I would love to have versions of hose emu'd I would much prefer to see MAME running a hundred or so games. And - I agree that I'd like to see some of the emulators we already have completed to a more 100% degree. HZ :ph34r:
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    How cool is this thing!!!

    I spent a few months getting all the emulator stuff to work and then finally decided to take the plunge into GP Cinema. of course it's really simple (although not as easy to find some of the films...) and I can't get over how much this thing ROCKS! The quality is awesome - perfect for a flight...
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    why isn't anyone talking about the new snes9x

    Nothing is ever final. ;) But I agree - if HE is finished with it - than I think he shiould release the source code so someone else can take a look and improve it . And if he doesn't than I think that would suck. :angry: But I am thankful for getting any version at all. On the old at least...
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    ECTS Pics!

    Cool. Thankx for the Pix. HZ :ph34r:
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    Do you need an SMC?? has some pretty cheap ones with rebates. search for the Viking 128MB. HZ :ph34r:
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    The sentinel

    Got the Code... 0000. Got mouse working for a moment (you probably did too), but then it fails to recognize and corrupts sending the mouse down to the bottom left screen with no input allowed. You may want to try looking for a stand alone ROM somewhere. HZ :ph34r:
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    The sentinel

    Whats the Landscape Number and the Secret Entry Code you need to enter? HZ :ph34r:
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    GP32 Divx v.0.3 pre alpha

    U3 - Have you posted looking for help anywhere else - or gone on IRC? HZ :ph34r:
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    Snes9x mini-hack (Gp:\\snes\)

    Cartman - Much appreciated. HZ :ph34r:
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    Gp32 help needed!

    And post here regularly with your problems. We will help get it working. HZ :ph34r: