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  1. mcobit

    SZ 1.62 compatibility of mcobit's PNDs

    I will try to test and fix as many PNDs as possible starting tomorrow, but if anyone already found some problems, please let me know here.
  2. mcobit

    Release Orbit-Hopper

    Thanks to lunixbochs glshim, here is another nice game. Please configure the controls to your liking in the options menu. Be warned: This is a very hard game! More info here...
  3. mcobit

    Vibrating Pyra?

    Will there be a vibrating motor in the Pyra? If not, can there be some solderpads to add one?
  4. mcobit

    gtk 3.8 and glib 3.6

    Hello. After some days of compiling and fighting with dependencies I managed to compile the latest gtk framework. As this includes a lot of stuff like cairo pango pixbuf etc. it would be pretty big if I wanted to include it into every pnd. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to make a...
  5. mcobit

    Multiarch pnds?

    One thing that came to my mind: What if you could specify different binaries and libs and configs for multiple systems? Imagine you are playing a game on the Pyra and then decide to continue it on your or your friends PC running linux. You could install libpnd on the linuxpc and put in...
  6. mcobit

    Release Hyper Rogue

    This is a recompile of HyperRouge. This was done with lunixbochs LibGL. I tried my best to make the controls pandorafriendly but as this has diagonal turn based movement, it is very hard to...
  7. mcobit

    3D printed prototype moulds

    Just saw this on hackaday and thought this might be a nice way to test some casing parts before doing an expensive metal mould.
  8. mcobit

    Release SHMUP

    Here is a nice shmup. It is completely in 3D. Use the touchscreen to maneuver the ship and doubletab to use the second attack. Alternatively you can use the left nub to move. The right nub, pressed to the left will shoot. If you push it...
  9. mcobit

    Release BlockOut II

    Thanks to lunixbochs LibGL, here is Blockout 2: BlockOut® II is a free adaptation of the original BlockOut® DOS game edited by California Dreams in 1989. BlockOut® II has the same features than the original game with few graphic improvements. The game has been designed to reproduce the...
  10. mcobit

    Is the repo down right now?

    See title...
  11. mcobit

    Release Primrose

    Here is a little unique puzzlegame. PND created and program compiled on the train with lunixboch's libGL.
  12. mcobit

    Encouragement to experiment

    Recent posts about the fear of experimenting with software, configurations etc. made me write this. The most common fear seems to be to mess up stuff while experimenting with settings. Although there might be some cases where you can mess up a configfile to the extend, that you cannot start...
  13. mcobit

    PSP Emulator Off Topic

    Kumaki... I think you don't need a memorystick. Just save it as if you had a memorystick. It should be emulated, too. If you tried to save to memorystick and it didn't work, of course your claim is valid :) I think everyone who releases an emulator should write a manual just for you, that...
  14. mcobit

    Hardware Hack - Pandora with internal USB Hub

    Hello everyone. I got one of those small squid usbhubs today and took it apart. It is so small, that the board fits into the Pandora right above the headphone jack. I had to clip a bit of plastic of the case above it though. I soldered some ribbon cable from the usbport to it and clipped...
  15. mcobit

    Book from Wikipedia articles about the Pandora, SCAM? Anybody noticed this before? (Found by Kyran on irc)
  16. mcobit

    Release Shadow Warrior

    Hi there, as some people asked for it, here is JFShadowWarrior. Your original datafiles (sw.grp) go into the appdata/shadowwarrior directory. Here are some known issues: - The nub in joystickmode is recognized but doesn't work. I...
  17. mcobit

    [Ported Game] Duke Nukem 3D - EDuke32

    I threw something together for the competition myself at last ;) Here is EDuke32 the latest version. It uses software rendering right now but renders fullscreen. The biggest advantage above the earlier port by mindlord is, that you can use both nubs. The left one is...
  18. mcobit

    Release mtPaint [recompile]

    And the last one for today: mtPaint This is a small and fast image processing and drawing program. This new version contains all plugins and supported formats. Get it on the repo:
  19. mcobit

    Release Mirror Magic [recompile]

    Here is Mirror Magic! Shoot around obstacles to collect energy using your beam. A game like "Deflektor" (C 64) or "Mindbender" (Amiga). The goal is to work out how to get around obstacles to shoot energy containers with your beam, enabling the path to the...
  20. mcobit

    Release GPL Arcade Volleyball [recompile]

    Another one, this time it is GPL Arcade Volleyball, a remake of an old dosgame. You can map the joysticks and buttons freely for the two players or play against the computer. The joystickmappings are not saved though while the buttons are. This seems to be a bug...