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  1. squaresosig

    Was the iCP2 Pyra voucher thing ever decided?

    It is mentioned in the FAQ and I haven't been able to find any info on it on the forums. Honestly I don't think I ever even replied to the original message from kickstarter.
  2. squaresosig

    Hardware A horrible question about replacing chips

    Long long ago my pandora died. The display backlight circuit broke after a fall and after fixing it the keyboard was partiall unresponsive. A few years ago this led me to foolishly attempt to reflow the chip responsible for the keyboard (TPS65950). This did not go well..... So my question is...
  3. squaresosig

    Hardware Keyboard Problems

    So I have finally tried to bring my pandora back to life. A few years ago I dropped it, knocking a cap off the board and killing the screen, but now with the schematics out I was able to find out what that component was and replace it. There is now however a new problem, certain keys do not...
  4. squaresosig

    So I have decided to try and get my pandora fixed (for real this time)

    So a long time ago (Jan of 2014) I dropped my pandora, knocking off one of the display capacitors and killing it. At the time I wanted to send it to Germany to try and get it repaired, but I never got round to it :( Now its summer of 2015 and I want to do some testing and see if it still works...
  5. squaresosig

    new component needed!

    hello there, recently I dropped my pandora, apparently loosening one of the components inside it, at first I thought I had fixed it, screen came back on, and I rebuilt the thing, only to find it was broken again, now the component is straight off the board and broken :( Can anyone tell me...
  6. squaresosig

    Pandora as an external Bluetooth audio device ?

    Hello there! I don't usually post on the forums but I do regularly use my Pandora, especially for music. What I would like to ask is, is there any way that I could use the Pandora as a sort of wireless pass-through, so that I may listen to audio from for example my computer, through my Pandora...
  7. squaresosig

    Oh God the horror D:

    So I was admiring Ingo Reis's latest video, showing off the very noticeable speed improvements of drastic, and thought to myself, I wonder if this means Chinatown wars will finally work ? But unfortunately there is still something far too demanding for any emulator to handle..... scrolling text...
  8. squaresosig

    dosbox keymapping

    So I started playing around with dosbox, and found that I cannot enter a ":". obviously this is rather annoying because it means i cant do the simple task of changing drives...  anyone able to help ?  thank you 
  9. squaresosig

    How to get blocklists working in transmission

    Hello, I want to get the blocklist working but it has no rules. what URL might i use to get a working blocklist that will update properly and such ? Thank you
  10. squaresosig

    Using a pandora as a keyboard and mouse

    Is there any app that would allow me to plug my Pandora into a computer and use it as keyboard/mouse input ? I understand there isn't much reason to, but it would be useful to have. Thank you :)
  11. squaresosig

    small overclocking problem

    So I reflashed my pandora after finding the wifi non-functional, and after this I found that my max cpu speed was 1200 MHz, before that is was 1300MHz. Can someone please tell me how to change this, as my max speed was 1270. Thank you
  12. squaresosig

    So I got my Pandora....

    So recently I received my Pandora in the mail, and found that it had came in a normal cardboard box instead of the wooden box I was expecting, as well as no signature... Now I don't mind that too much, its the Pandora I want, but its still nice to have the nice box (I like boxes, i have a lot of...
  13. squaresosig

    Some questions...

    originally i bought a 1 GHz  per-order some 6-ish months ago, and i was fully aware that it would take some time to arrive, however i did not know that i would at this point be able to buy one now, for less, and get is sooner, so i am confused... could someone help me by explaining whats...