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  1. droneb

    Counterstrike Goes 2D And Opensource? this one would be a great time killer in pandora party's
  2. droneb

    Art, Paint, Stickers, And Spare Blank Parts.

    i was just thinking of (after reading only the first pages of the special ed. pandora) what if they sell not only blank spare cases, but also blank keymats ? i really want to pimp up my panda by hand, but the keymat would be hard to mod after they get painted. also, i believe it would be a...
  3. droneb

    Tts For Portable Devices. its a small rewrite of FESTIVAL, targeted for embedded devices. need my panda to start checking it.
  4. droneb

    So?, When Does The Mp Starts?

    Wifi is working at a reasonable speed with WPA2 Cases looks good? so when are they going to be shipped? and what happened with MP??, how many will be produced on the first roll?? if any of that nfo is out htere sorry, it is just a big mess of 10+ pages topics. not to say each one is full of...
  5. droneb

    A Personal Opinion About The Case (Moulding)

    well, i didnt go thru all 29 pages of the another post around, i just went directly to pandorapress images. i expect more photos from the assembled unit in order to see the real quality. (also maybe if we clean them a bit we could see actual cosmetical looks),any extra opinions are welcome as...
  6. droneb

    Pre-Ordereds And Dev Only Section?

    hello everyone, i was just wondering if there was a slight posibility to split the comunity boards between those who have preordered and/or are active developers for the system. i know this wont solve completely some issues and be even slightly more complex. but if we could keep trolling a...
  7. droneb

    Full Ext Cable?

    Hello fellows pandorians. i did search, and didnt see any topic 'bout this. im interesteed on getting a fully functional Ext cable with the Serial I/O ports and all that gets thru that Ext port. are they selling any even if it is still not fully MP model?. i need this one cuz i use the...
  8. droneb

    Os? Languages? Places?

    OK, hope this one doesnt get hammered down like my last poll PLEASE DONT MARK YOUR FIRST LANG ON THE SECOND PART!!!!! the other lang, should only be marked if at least you can write and read
  9. droneb

    Devs 4 Mk0

    Besides the main OP Team members, who else do you think should get one real Panda ASAP nominate names and ill add em *multiple choice enabled. *meanwhile ill just post names i got in my head. NOTE: IM NOT AN OFFICIAL OPTeam member so dont go kicking off the poll im just posting it to get...
  10. droneb

    Screws Poll

    just to spend time until we all get our pandas Im not intending to change anything just to cope with the time until we all get our pandas also if the PP think they should change, shouldnt they hear the opinion at least? BTW does the case have metalic inserts for the screw mounting?
  11. droneb

    Silk Screen Poll

    Hello around just wanted to know about the silk screen what is the people thinknig. and what do the people prefer, as for me text does great, but maybe another like "First Edition" Edit: the link for those who doesnt know what this is about
  12. droneb

    Spanish Ver Of

    Hello. (Again?) i was just checking on the news today over the webpage, and i noticed no Spanish ver of the webpage is available. maybe there arent that much of spanish readers, but hey OP Team really need to notice that share of the market that is being kept outside (talking...
  13. droneb

    Op Paperart

    hey pp i love making paper models of stuff (got my own PC replicated on cardboard and paper) i would like to know if there is any CAD files or alikes that i could use to design the paperworks. an example of it would be:
  14. droneb

    Nice Add Ons

    Hello again i would like to see what the comunity would hook up to their OP once they have em. (it doesnt have to be supported right now anyway just want to see what other uses pp are going to give their OP's) i would personally try this Badguy here...
  15. droneb

    Op And Pnp

    hello pp, first of all yes i used the search engine and didnt find about it. i would like to know on the actual Ver of the Panda OS /Kernel. what kind of devices /and PnP will be supported for the USB talking bout * batt killers (led light, fan) (XD i believe they are 99.99% compatible and...
  16. droneb

    1Ed Pandora Distinctive

    Hello PP just wanted to ask OP Team, Instead of a OP Badge on the Machine why not produce a little sticker saying "I OWN A 1ed OP" or something like that. just something that where official and made by the OP Team would give it a nice finishing touch for those who made a preorder. it doesnt...