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    Bluetooth file transfer

    I was just trying to seend a file from my phone to the Pandora. While I can get the Pandora to find the phone and vice versa, I can seem to make the pandora receive a file. It recognizes a connection to the phone but seems like all it can do is send. When it shows up on my phone the Pandora...
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    various emulator issues

    I wish I could figure these out without asking but after days of scratching my head over these and searching every inch of the internet that I can I'd decided to throw myself at the mercy of the forums for help on this. Everything else I have works fine, I've rarely had any problems with my...
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    Does Anyone Remember This Game?

    I dont have any pictures but it was a game someone had started building a while back, maybe 2003? It was specifically a sprite based side scrolling game I remember some of the screen shots showed sprite rips from games like Disney's Alladin and a few other games. It was kinda like a BoR mod but...
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    Mame 106 Any Thoughts?

    I noticed via Twitter that MAME106 was posted on the store recently, Guessing it's an early port. Just wondering what people's impressions were. (ie. Controls, graphics, compatibility, quirks...etc)
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    Release DE-Makes

    I ran across this site awhile ago and I thought "this is so hilariously ingenious!" Basically it was a competition to make downgraded versions (the complete opposite of a RE-make) of popular games, like a 2D version of Mirror's Edge or a...
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    Minor question about pandora

    I forget if it was confirmed but does the hinge on the Pandora open more than 90 degrees? (ie. a full 180 degrees) I know it dosent open like a tablet or even rotate but I'm talking about having the same range as the DS. After the question is answered I'd say this thread could stay upen for...
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    Hypothetical Situation: If 3000 Is All That Ever Get Made...

    Stay with me now, Not saying this will be the case and god forbid this actually happen but assuming that the first run is all that ever gets made, lets say that the first run dosent kick back enough money in the end or maybe some other crazy unforeseen catastrophe occures. Would the first run be...
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    Mostly this is just my own thoughts on it having just discovered it's progress, last time I was here it was still nothing more than a few blueprints and big dreams. I'm quickly starting to consider a Pand. Mostly because my GP2X is so out of date I dont even know if I can update the firmware...
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    Ps3 To Be Regionless For Games Like The Psp Still region locked for Movies of course but for games, its about damn time. Of course now it means being more careful about which games you import as they could easily one day just show up in your own back yard without much warnring, making your...
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    Cell Phone Games

    As I mentioned in the thread I just posted about 60 seconds ago I was looking for games for my new Cellphone (samsung D600) when I ran across this really sweat looking shooter, unfortunatly it dosent seem to be compatible with my phone for some reason. So I started wondering if there was some...
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    Iriver Iwod G10

    I'm pretty sure this hasnt been disscussed yet as I did a search for it and searching iriver just puls up a bunch of unreleated topics... I just ran across this while looking for games for my new cellphone: Weird.
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    Closed Topics On The Main Page

    ...not show up? A few months ago wasn't an adjustment made that kept the Locked threads off the main page? I mentioned it before but it remains true today it's annoying to check one of these topics only to find out it was pointless by the time you reach the bottom of the page.
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    Vugo I was getting ready for work this morning watching kidsWB and happened to catch the commercial for this thing made by Tiger (the actual Tiger that used to make those crappy lcd games, not telematics) and distributed by Hasbro. -$110 -3 inch screen -built in 128mb...
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    DAMMIT! If they were supposed to get them the same time a Craig that means the date for all of them was pushed back. I guess the Beta testing is going to take a couple extra weeks or something.
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    ...But dont celebrate just yet. Apparently it involves removing the front of yout PSP and attacting the included face (notice the PSP in the pics have no PS or Sony logos) which is the part that adds the nub on the bottom. As far as i can tell...
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    Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed

    *I have officially disowned this thread.*
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    What Apps Do You Want On Gpx2

    I was looking over this thread and thought while it's asking what Opensource apps we can port to the GPX2 from linux it doesnt really touch on the stuff we have now. After a few mentions of what we might lose in the move to a new platform I thought maybe it'd be good to have a thread where...
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    Sony Moves Up E3 Ps3 Unveiling

    From Gamespot Frankly I think it's a mistake, when the DC came out everyone ooh'd and ahh'd only to be shocked when Sony unveiled PS2 graphics with the Reiko Nagase and Early shots of the Bouncer. That extr graphical puch is what helped them win the battle before either system was even...
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    Marvel Vs Capcom

    I loaded this one up a couple of days ago and finally got to pay it. I made it thought the first two stages and reached the 3rd to get an error: Is this just a case of it being a demo or a GP32 specific issue? Prehaps something to be fixed in the future? EDIT: My bad, I meant to type Xmen Vs...
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    Remove 'closed' Threads From The Front Page

    I'm getting tired of clicking though the recent thread links on the front page only to find nonsense threads like the one about FF3 being better than BoR. If it's a obvious troll thread, why even allow it to exist? Just delete the thing and give the space it takes up to something useful. I sure...