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    Direct Download Flash Videos

    So I made this script that downloads videos from a certain site, for use on my desktop, and thought maybe it could be useful for people using a Pandora. It would also be interesting if other people could provide links or information on other such programs (I'd rather leave websites like keepvid...
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    Aufs Doesn't Seem To Work

    So, I'm trying to use an AUFS union on / so I don't end up filling the nand when I install stuff, so I created an 8 gig ext2 image on my SD card, at /media/mmcblk1p1/unionfs.img using default settings. I then mount it on /media/union, since nothing seems to be mounted there anyway: mount -t...
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    Howto: Connect Wifi Manually

    As you all know, I've been having trouble with wifi, but have had some small luck doing it manually. This is what I did, and to be honest, it's pretty generic Linux stuff, but I really haven't found a particularly good guide for this. There's a link to it in my Dreadful Wireless thread as...
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    New Pandora

    So I just got my pandora and really have been having a hell of a time with the wireless on it. Basically, this is the story. NetworkManager doesn't do a thing, encryption or not, tried different routers. It just never ever connects. So, I'm using wpa_supplicant and a small shellscript that...
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    I'm sure this has been asked, but I'm bored and curious and we need something silly to talk about. Also this is probably the most complete poll related to this topic. :D
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    Pandora Dreams

    So, the past week I've had two dreams that I can recall that involved the pandora. Is this just me being really nerdy or have anybody else been having these dreams? :P
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    Blockland Pandora

    I was bored so I put together a Pandora in Blockland. :D It's based on the render on the front page. It's mostly rough and I got a bit lazy on the screen part, and also didn't put anything on the screen (yet) but I think it's kinda neat.
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    Usb 1.1 To 2.0 Adapter

    Well, seeing as we can't use 1.1 devices in the 2.0 port, but we can use them through a hub, maybe someone could make a small pass through adapter thing, like a 1 port hub. Most USB hubs that I've seen either have a long cable or something going to a box, or a relatively large dongle/box with a...