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  1. lukey

    KVM Host support for aarch32 to be removed in linux 5.7

    The change is already in:
  2. lukey

    Qemu Emulation Performance for different Guest Architectures

    Hello, I wanted to run some Programs inside Qemu on Hosts that don't support Virtualisation for several reasons (like transparent High-Avability). So I wondered, which Guest Architecture is the Fastest in Qemu? Here are some benchmarks using qemu-user: First is nbech, which tells us the Relative...
  3. lukey

    Disable Media Embedding

    @EvilDragon Could you please disable automatic Media Embedding for (most) Links? I mean look for example what Scripts are Active on the Retro Thread: And without these Scripts i can't even see the Links.
  4. lukey

    How did you find out about the Pyra/Pandora?

    In order to find out what Advertising works for People who want an Open Source, Community Driven Handheld Computer I created this Pool. How did you find to this Community? Lurkers are also welcome to participate. Other: 1x word of mouth (sorry, can't delete Pool Entries) 2x stumbled upon it in...
  5. lukey

    Thoughts about an DBP Manager

    Hello, I've been thinking about an DBP Manager for the Pyra recently and here are some features, that an DBP Manager could/should be able to do: Managing of DBP's and DEB's (and maybe even PND's, if there's an compatibility Layer) at the same time DBP packages replace/overwrite DEB packages in...
  6. lukey

    Two Questions(Power management/Standby)

    Hi! I have two questions: 1. Why is the Standby Mode deactivated in newer Firmware versions? 2. Is it possible to run the Pandora completely from the Power Supply with an Battery(or just reduce the Battery drain when the PSU is connected)?
  7. lukey

    WiFi usb-stick problems(Need to manualy Compile the Driver)

    Please can someone with a proper Kernel driver building environment build the Driver for me? Or give me a working Kernel source, so I can Build the Driver with the right kernel Sources(with patches & Co. applied)? Hello, I just buyed an WiFi-Stick. It's not working on my Pandora, but on my...
  8. lukey

    SD Cards detectet only after md raid autodetect(Custom Kernel)

    Hello! I built my Custom Linux Kernel (3.2.69) with the config from /proc/config.gz and some small changes (like md, and boot time raid autodetect). When I boot it, the two raid Partitions from the SD Cards don't get detected, and i think its because the SD Cards are detected after the raid...
  9. lukey

    Release Gamestreamer(VirtualGL)

    Here is the Port of VirtualGL, a Application Streaming solution, that produces great results on the OpenPandora. I've written an GUI for the Command-Line Tools where you can create Profiles and quickly start them. Here an example with Half Life 2(without using the GUI): You can safely skip to...
  10. lukey

    Game Streaming on The OpenPandora (Teaser)

    Hello! I'm proud to Present you THE Killer APP for the Pandora.(Well at least it might kill some Windows Installations of some Pandora users, because the Software(VirtualGL) only works for X11 Applications :p ) It even is already optimized for NEON (Look for libjpeg-turbo). Here is a small...
  11. lukey

    Tausche Samsung Note 2 mit Zweitakku gegen OpenPandora

    Hallo, ich tausche hier ein leicht angeschlagenes, gerootetes Note 2 16Gb mit Zweitakku und Hülle gegen eine OpenPandora. Das Handy ist mir einmal Runtergefallen und irgendwie hat die Wlan/Bluethooth attenne etwas abbekommen, so dass das signal etwas schwach ist. Aber ansonnsten funktioniert...
  12. lukey

    Disable battery Charging

    Will there be the possibility to disable the charging of the Battery while the ac-adaptor is connected, so the battery isn't Stressed when you use the Pyra stationary? Or an option to charge the Battery only to maybe 70%?
  13. lukey

    Use of the (Co-)Processors

    While reading the Datasheet to the OMAP5432 i found, that there are lots of (Co-)Processors: 1x DSP; 2x Cortex-M4 "image processing unit (IPU)"; 1x "image signal processor" + "still image coprocessor(SIMCOP)"; (And of course the Powervr SGX544 and the two Cortex-A15s) How difficult is...