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    Gp2x W/ Broken Joystick - Anyone Interested?

    Hi. My gp2x has a broken joystick and I'm just wondering if anyone would like to buy it, and how much to sell it for? I was thinking of $90 including the 1gb sd, tv-out cable, a case and of course the box. And maybe some 2500 mAh batteries. The unit itself is in great shape besides the joystick...
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    Doom 2d

    Yes - i have used the (crappy) search engine and No - i didn't find an answer so here we go: Is it possible to port doom 2d to the gp2x? More info on the game here. It certainly looks like a game that would play well on the 2x! :-)
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    Play Asia Joins The Gp2x Bizniz

    Play asia har started a preorder campaign for the GP2X, selling it at $179, but it says on their site that "the GP2X will be in stock by the end of November, just in time for Christmas!", isn't that a bit later than the other sellers? anyway, it's a good price.
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    Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible to port parsec47 - by Kenta Cho - to the gp32? the sourcecode is included in the game, which is free to download (like the rest of his games). I know that someone ported noiz2sa, although the framerate was bad i think it was fairly playable until you...
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    hey. i've been wondering about this overclocking thing, and why it doesn't work very well on my gp32. is it sheer luck that gives some of the gp32 owners the opportunity to play mario kart w/ sound at a frameskip of 3? or has it something to do with when your machine was manufactured?? i first...