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  1. nubie

    Be Honest, What Does This Say To You?

    Tell me what this looks like to you, then see where it came from. Link to original story I mean sometimes I honestly wonder if companies think this stuff through (it's called the Wii for F's sake!!) (I would have hooked up the picture if I could have, Haha, used the Rich Text Editor...
  2. nubie

    Uzebox Console, Build It Yourself For <$30

    Looking for a game system you can hand solder out of 2 electronic chips and a handful of resistors and capacitors? How about a tiny DIP-40 package all ready to solder to a TV out line and a power supply for $30? All surface mount and even including a micro SD slot for storing games or...
  3. nubie

    Replacing My Nand With 1gb

    I have a GP2X that is bricked, I have run the Jtag program multiple times, and I even ran a program to blank the NAND, and the result is always the same, a complete stop when uboot tries to probe the NAND. I have a lousy MP3 player that I broke nearly as soon as I bought it, so I pulled it...
  4. nubie

    Bricked Gp2x F100(b), $50

    I have a GP2X F100(B) that is bricked. I have JTAG and Serial and have loaded uboot over the Jtag, it just stops after it says "NAND Probing". I think that $50 is a good price for parts. or make an offer The screen should be fine, it comes up to colored lines when the Uboot is executed from...
  5. nubie

    Wiz Usb Host Support?

    I do not want to start an argument or a flame war here, please respect that. My question is simple, and it is for the developers/designers/sellers of the Wiz: What is the plan for support of USB host on the Wiz? I notice that the dev board has a nice single USB host port and I was wondering...
  6. nubie

    Pan>eeepc, Ds, Psp, Iphone: Pandora = Awesome

    It is 1/4 the volume of any of the mini-laptops (touch-typing aside this is a good thing, and they make tiny foldout keyboards). And the 10-hour battery life is as good as 4 times the standard battery 2.5-3 hours for the Eeepc for example. I don't know if I would advertise this until it was in...
  7. nubie

    Bricked Gp2x, Need Sd Card Sensor Pinout

    I have a Bricked GP2X, I have a Jtag and Serial cable for it. I made a big forum post about it before here, but nobody would say anything Orkie lost interest :). I can get the Jtag to load the program and execute it, but no luck, it just displays colored lines for a couple milliseconds. I am...
  8. nubie

    I Want This Nes Controller! Too cool isn't it? (apologies if this has already been discussed.) Too bad that the only one this really works for is the NES, (and I guess the Sega Master system, but I don't think anyone would get it.) Stop the presses, a Giant...
  9. nubie

    Connect Pc To Your Tv! I just saw this thing and it looks great. It might even work on the GP2X (I doubt it though, most TV out cards for the PC output real Composite). Do you use a PC with a television and need one of these? I know I do! NVM, it looks to have bad...
  10. nubie

    "the Zephyr", And Other Potential Pandora Rivals

    I just wanted to post about this thread: I like the "idea" of "another console", not in the way you might be thinking though. What if you could transform the BeagleBoard into a console? They are $150 and come with just about everything...
  11. nubie

    Will A Comprehensive Manual Be Included?

    Now that I think about it the developers will need to make a very extensive manual and include it with the console. Charge $5 for it if you must (make a cop out that makes it downloadable, but put up big words like "Dev console pack" "Power user edition", "Make sure you know what you are...
  12. nubie

    Fs Gp2x Mk2 $100 1gb Sd Card, Tv-out, Screen Protector

    **** SOLD, You can delete this thread if you want. ***** Nice condition GP2X MK2 F100 for $100 The stick feels new and the whole system is in pretty nice condition. It comes with a 1GB SD card and a TV-Out cable, also a couple screen protectors still in new in their packages. PM me with an...
  13. nubie

    Bricked Gp2x, Bad Sd Socket?

    Hi all, I need some help/advice on a bricked GP2X I have. When you turn it on there is no response, a millisecond flash of white (not always), and then totally blank. The power light is on. I built a Wiggler cable and got it running with OCD Commander (it needed pins 8 and 15 soldered...
  14. nubie

    Usb Circuit Design

    I would like to gather response to having a header, or solder pads (just a pair of test pads that could have connection cut between them, or an SMD jumper removed) on the USB. My thinking goes as such: There is a thread on expresscard, the consensus is that people don't want hanging...
  15. nubie

    Don't Panic

    Is there any reason we can't have this on the Pandora somewhere? I would almost rather even call the console "Don't Panic" (or Panic for short :P). It seems to have a real following. I am guessing it is copyrighted etc, but I will do it with mine, either stencil sprayed or with vinyl.
  16. nubie

    $150 Gp2x Mk1, W/2gb Sd, Reader, Case, Nimh And Charger

    What it says in the title, clean adult-owned MK1 GP2X with accessories. This has: DaveC cap on the stick, Nintendo DS soft case, SD card reader (USB 2.0), 4x 2500mAh NiMH and charger 2GB SD card Great deal for $150, reply with any comments or questions.
  17. nubie

    Fs: Mk1, 2gb Sd, Case, 4 Nimh 2500mah W/charger, Davec Cap $150

    If you want to PM me, please do it one time with an email address, I will contact you via email to keep the (way too small imo) PM box from filling up. This is in great condition with a DS case that can hold tons of stuff and is still quite small. As the title says: * MK1 (w/a good screen) *...
  18. nubie

    Psp, Trying One.

    I bought a PSP with Li-ion and a USB charger and a 1GB card, for $127 shipped. The UMD is broken, that is it works for a little then quits, but since I want it for homebrew/PS1 games that is fine. I know it sucks, but I have to see for myself. If they weren't everywhere and didn't have crap...
  19. nubie

    Stereoscopic 3d With Dual Projectors, For Gaming.

    I am going to be trying to get a 3D digital projection set-up in my room. 84" 16:9 screen with 2x eVo Projectors and polarizing filters and glasses. The deal is that you can have depth perception in games (ooh, my favorite: driving sims!) with full color at 80" diagonal...
  20. nubie

    3 Cell Battery Test

    Here is what it looks like. I know it isn't attached or covered yet, but it IS a bench test. I am doing this to see what the benefits there are in comparison to a regular 2 AA battery test, and maybe to see how it stacks up against the monster 3.6v Li-Ion battery pack in terms of portability...