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  1. Loon

    Release Arora Rift 32X

    Hi Black Curtain, am really liking the look of Arora Rift, great to se some commercial software released for the Pandora. Have you considered posting news of this release in the Software news section of the official boards?
  2. Loon

    Money Money Money.

    It seems that people are understandably confused about the relationship between Craigs firm Open Pandora Ltd & EDs firm Open Pandora GmbH, these are separate entities. This is a complex situation but in essence ED has no obligation to supply Pandoras for orders placed with Craig and vice versa...
  3. Loon

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Oh my word, that sounds like quite an undertaking. Huge thanks for all the great work on r9. :D
  4. Loon

    50 Pandoras Shipping Today. (09 Aug 2011)

    A most encouraging tweet from Craig : This is great news, was really beginning to worry that we wouldn't see any more boards until production in Germany got under way.
  5. Loon

    Class 10 16Gb Sd Card At Reasonable Price!

    No problem, glad to be of service. :) Pleased to report that my 32GB card seems to work fine with the Pandora, price has gone up to a still reasonable £28.88 though. Hope whoever else ordered one has no problem with their cards either.
  6. Loon

    Class 10 16Gb Sd Card At Reasonable Price!

    From 7 day shop via amazon : 32GB Class 10 SD card for £21.49 delivered Despite swearing I'd never spend more than £20 on an SD card I've buckled with this one :rolleyes:
  7. Loon

    Release Gngeo 0.8.2

    This from Pepone helped me : "I tried a romset made for a really more recent version than mame 0.106 and it work."
  8. Loon

    Release Sgt-Puzzles

    Great Port, many thanks Jeffrey. Really like the simple interface and clean look of the games on the Pandora screen. There are some real classics here, anyone who likes puzzle games should try Loopy (AKA Slitherlink), one of the true greats. Found a problem with Pattern, it does not fit on the...
  9. Loon

    Release Gngeo 0.8.2

    Just wanted to add my thanks for another excellent emulator on the Pandora, seems to be coming together really nicely, my Neo Geo faves all run silky smooth without screen tearing. :D Keep up the good work Pepone, really looking forward to save states with this.
  10. Loon

    [Release] Ai Super-Jumbo 2011-03.a - For All Beagle Boards

    Wow, this looks most interesting. @ Hawkey, do you have any intention to post about this on the official boards? Methinks it would be a rather hot topic. If not then I'll post a link to this thread with a brief overview, don't want to steal your thunder.
  11. Loon

    Release Gngeo 0.8.2

    You might suck at documentation but you more than make up for it with speedy 'customer' support. Thanks for the reply, will have a go with some mame Roms in the next day or two. :D
  12. Loon

    Release Gngeo 0.8.2

    Thanks for this Pepone. Hand held Neo Geo Rules. :D Not had any luck getting it working though, guess I need a newer romset. :( I've got a few questions though : 1) What bios files are required? 2) Where do you put the bios files? 3) Do the roms have to named in a certain way / saved in a...
  13. Loon

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Thanks for R8 Notaz, congratulations on an awesome piece of Software. Pcsx-Rearmed has given me some of my most enjoyable gaming moments in the last year or so. And the surface has only just been scratched. Can't believe that R1 was less than 3 months ago. Hope you had a bit of fun making it...
  14. Loon

    Message To Evildragon

    That is one of the things that makes you awesome. And there is another one!
  15. Loon

    Release Ginge

    Nice one Prometheus, and of course ED & the firmware team. This little feature passed me by as well. Huge improvement for things like ginge. :)
  16. Loon

    Release Frogatto And Friends

    Just played the new version from the file archive for half an hour, no crashes so far. Was experiencing frequent crashes with the old version. :D Thanks for the port Pickle.
  17. Loon

    Release Hotfix 5 Released!

    EDIT : Under Settings/CPU Settings, the menu selection where you configure the Nubs etc.
  18. Loon

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Great stuff Notaz, really looking forward to R7. The progress made on this emulator has been truly amazing. Can't get enough of hand held PS1 emulation at the moment. Never thought it would happen but Pcsx-Rearmed has seen more use than mame on my Pandora. :D
  19. Loon

    A Script To Shutdown After Charging

    Looking forward to using the application, sounds like a common sense approach to charging the Pandora & can only help with battery life and convenience to the user from my understanding.
  20. Loon

    Release Quake2 Nanogl

    +1 from me too, both for asking and repeating. Quake 3 with mouse support would be awesome on Pandora.