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  1. NoeleyC

    Streets of Rage remake query

    I know this is indeed an oldie on the Pandora scene, but I discovered I had this installed on an older SD card but it seems to run far too fast nowadays to be playable! Am I missing some in game setting to limit the speed (changing the Pandora speed itself didn't seem to help), or does this...
  2. NoeleyC

    Do these need to be updated?

    There's a few games now in the Pandora that don't work if you use the most updated graphics drivers(4.10). I know they work fine on the older drivers so it's simply a case of going back to the older drivers but it'd be nice to stick to the newest ones! Two games that would need updating in that...
  3. NoeleyC

    Gaming mouse on the cheap!

    I've just received a Corsair Raptor LM2 mouse from (currently selling there for under 10 euro), and it's working great with my Pandora, for those looking for a cdecent bargain? The Pandora doesn't seem to recognise all the buttons, but I've configured most for FPS gaming on the go. It...
  4. NoeleyC

    Release Freesynd

    Now there's a version of this posted on the repo, does anyone know how to set this up? I've tried copying data files from the PC version into every directory in the created appdata directory, but it refuses to start... Sent from my GT-I8160 using Tapatalk 2
  5. NoeleyC

    Mupen64plus config query

    Is it possible to setup this emulator for different rendering resolutions between games? For example Super Mario 64 runs great at 640x480, but very few other games do. It'd be nice to not have to keep changing the graphics options (I've an older version of the PND kept on my card just to...
  6. NoeleyC

    Best new "retro" games?

    Having just read a bout it in a recent issue of Retro Gamer magazine, I'm currently enjoying a new Atari 800 game called Ridiculous Reality through emulation on the Pandora. Another new Atari game I found a while back was a very fun one called Yoomph (spelling might be slightly off one that...
  7. NoeleyC

    Is this normal?

    On my recently recieved Igig unit, I am gettingan occasional what can only be described as a "boing" noise upon starting certain PND's. It seems to be most noticeable on ones that boot directly into a menu like Picklelauncher. I don't remember this happening on my older First Edition batch one...
  8. NoeleyC

    Thomas Was Alone

    Just saw a video of this new higly acclaimed platformer, I think it'd be a good fit for the Pandora? Contacted the author, he says he's working on a Linux port int he near future, maybe we might get one of our resident code ninjas to sprinkle some magic (terribly mixed imagery I know), and get...
  9. NoeleyC

    My Impressions Of My New Pandora(versus My First Batch One)

    Got my 1gigger this afternoon, so I thought I might as well do a first impression of it. The new paint certainly give it a different feel to my original one, at first I thought the buttons were a little smaller, but that was just the impression of the new coloured case around the keys! Build...
  10. NoeleyC

    quite a good memory card price!

    Found this Sandisk 32GB Class 10 card on for just over £25 (I bought one anyway! :) )
  11. NoeleyC

    Can't see the forum using IE8 and XP

    This is something that only affects me in work, so there's no need to tell me to use a different browser! ;) The company have recently upgraded (this week) from IE6, and since then, I keep getting error messages when I try to look at the forums on here. I can see all other links from here...
  12. NoeleyC

    Release Downloaded PND's sometimes don't work?

    I'm finding that some PND's, no matter how many times I download, simply refuse to work on my Pandora. One which I've tried to get working was the updated version of Midori, which goes through the motions of loading, but never gets anywhere. This evening I downloaded the Garden of Coloured...
  13. NoeleyC

    Pandora 3DS?

    Although I have the official Pandora case, it's always felt just that little bit too tightly, and I've been a little wary of having the shoulder buttons pressed in too tight! Today I received a Nintendo 3DS Mini Elite Transporter case which although bulkier than the other case, certainly has...
  14. NoeleyC

    Another suggestion for app store name?

    Seeing as the software is referred to most commonnly as PND's anyway, and people don't like the term App Store (too Apple-y for many tastes), how about calling whatever becomes the main repository of Pandora software The PoND? We are all only little fish in the long run.... ;)
  15. NoeleyC

    Anyone interested in a Pandora re-review?

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  16. NoeleyC

    Wandering nub syndrome

    I've my Pandora from September 2010, so it's one of the ones with the early nubs, but after the initial flurry of dodgy ones (when they went and tested them all individually). Anyway, enough of my history lesson, recently, especially since upgrading to tHotfix 5 RC2 (probably completely...
  17. NoeleyC

    Most unexpected use for your Pandora?

    For me it's Comix, never really tried (or really had any massive inclination to either!)to read graphic novels on a computer screen, but I find the Pandora screen the right size for this, and scrolling down to read a page isn't that far removed from what I'd do with a paper copy in my hand! :)