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  1. JeFF

    Faulty nub problem coming back

    Hello everyone, Let's start by saying that I love my 2 pandoras and I'm currently writing this post on one of them. I've had this pandora for over a year now and my left nub looks dead, never re-centering itself and loose as hell... So I'd like to consider the options I have: I have to send it...
  2. JeFF

    Managed to switch my lcd cable

    3rd time since I've got my Pandora. Yay, I'm now kinda good at doing this! Some pictures! And if anyone needs help at anytime, feel free to join me via pm!
  3. JeFF

    Another tv-out cable ready to sell

    Freshly made from Quebec City, here's another cable I'm willing to sell. Already got positive feedback from a forum user ( if he see this thread, maybe he'll wrote a comment :) ) So, as said, I've got a fresh component tv-out cable (yellow, white, red) tested with my pandora on SZ final...
  4. JeFF

    1 year after, what's up with this handheld

    That day when, before leaving home, the postman rang at my door. God damn it, what a good day. I won't tell you the whole story because you know what's left to say : got it, life ended. Anyways, my post here is about something more, lets say, interesting : what changed. Am I disappointed...
  5. JeFF

    Pandora tv-out review

    Small video uploaded on youtube. Still uploading, try in 10 mins ! Showing a bit of SneSideo + video playback using PanPlayer.
  6. JeFF

    Looking to buy your OpenPandora

    Wether it's a 256mbRAM or 512mbRAM rebirth, it doesn't matter. I am an owner of an OpenPandora but I'm looking to get a second one. My twin leaves the house for superior studies, and I want this to be a gift for him. So yeah, to everyone who own's a pandora and wants to sell it : I AM...
  7. JeFF

    Buying a platinum case

    Hello guys, Here's my question : If I want to buy the brand new platinum case, is it possible for me to get on, buy that case (even if on the picture it's the black one) and exemple ask to get the new one? I know it's offered on gp2x shop but the shipping cost is...
  8. JeFF

    Freshly made tv-out cable­.

    Hey guys, As I had an ext connector + a tinyBoB lying around, I decided to make another tv-out cable, with the possibility to sell it to semeone here who might want one! It's a composite cable, no s-video. If anyone want's it, just throw me a PM. It's about 2 meters long, silver plated. I...
  9. JeFF

    Success : tv-out cable

    However, the XFCE menu just doesn't show up on my tv. Anything wrong? I got lots of apps showing on the screen, but on the menu, only a black screen. Ideas? I can throw pics if wanted !
  10. JeFF not shipping to Canada?

    Hello guys, I'm in deep need of ext connectors & tiny Bob's and was willing to buy them on since it's US based. But oh damn, just saw on my google ordering page that my adress (I'm living in Quebec, Canada) is not a valid one, the vendor cannot ship it there? Is it possible to...
  11. JeFF

    Rockmelt web browser on OpenPandora? This browser is based on chromium, which is available for our handheld. Would it work on our beautiful pandoras?
  12. JeFF

    Succesfully repaired my Pandora

    Yep, I,ve succesfully managed to repair, by myself, my Panda. I've changed the whole case and the lcd cable. Looks like a new one now! If anyone needs help/tips with repairing their panda, throw me a PM. Easy as hell if you know how to do it !
  13. JeFF

    Problems with the plastic case

    So today, I've ordered a 3rd plastic case for my pandora... Mine is about to get apart... The lid above the hinge is just terrible : 3 kinda big holes... Any problems in there?
  14. JeFF

    Weird case issues

    Second time I'm having those issues... :s My lid, where the hinge is and from left to right, is cracking. A LOT. Like I think my pandora's gonna get apart... I know I've read somewhere the plastic mix wasn't that good at all.. If I buy a new case, will I get the same plastic? Oh, the case...
  15. JeFF

    A girl killed herself after being bitched for so many years

    Another sad story here in Quebec, It's been 3 suicide since october.
  16. JeFF

    How will you help someone else?

    I've sent my used battery cover for free to someone who needed one, named TitanUranus. Nothing in return. Sent from Canada to United Kingdom. A good action is worth 2.
  17. JeFF

    Succesfully repaired my Pandora

    Hello guys, I've recently got my spare parts to get my pandora repaired. Hell yeah, I've managed to do it on my own... Just a little problem : normally, the DPAD is glued to the keymat? Anyways, the screen now looks sharp(had the purple tint) The hinge got way better with a new case...
  18. JeFF

    Have they shipped?

    Idk why, but these days, there seems to be a LOT of problems by trying to contact the team members or by trying to get any info about shipping or refunds... I've ordered like 3 weeks ago, on a monday, spare parts to repair my pandora, which include lcd cables, spare case and a carry case which...
  19. JeFF

    I'Ve bought spare parts, no email?

    Hello guys, I've recently purchased spare parts on pandoraprivate page to repair my broken LCD and CASE of my pandora. More precisely, last friday. Since then, nothing. No email, no confirmation of any shipping... Anything going wrong? Thanks! JeFF
  20. JeFF

    Spares parts bought

    Hi, As said, I'm going to repair my broken pandora's lcd cable and case and bought the needed parts on the pandoraprivate page. But I do wanna know : my paypal payment will go through today or tomorrow but wanna be sure that it's still possible to order these parts. Not sure, like 3 weeks...