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  1. Axeman

    Gp32X Meetup 2004

    ...any of the guys on this photo still around here??? Man - those were the days :)
  2. Axeman

    Last Ninja 2 - The Central Park Cover

    Bah - I thought I may as well see who's still around here. It's been a few years since my last major posting on these forums, and I forgot how much of a laugh it all was, due to the bizarre b*llocks that gets talked around here :) . Real life kind of gets in the way (by way of a new baby girl...
  3. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Well... got up at 4:30am to start the journey to Peterborough. Looking forward to meeting some of you there. Always interesting meeting the forum members. Make sure you come up to Craig's stall and make yourself known to us! Might be an idea to make yourself a name badge too with your forum...
  4. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash And Retro 2006

    Hiya all, Well, it's next weekend now - for details of what will be there go here :- and here for the exibitors :- We're looking on it as more of a meet-up than anything else, and a chance for as many of us as possible to get together...
  5. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash And Retro Event

    Well... we're getting closer to Sep 16ths big event for this year, the Amiga Big Bash and Retro event. Craig (craigix on these boards) from will be there, as will I and hopefully as many of you as possible! For those who don't know, its a combined Amiga and Retro Gaming show. In...
  6. Axeman

    Big Bash Retro Event - It's On!

    Well... the interest has been high enough that we've decided to go for it! The Amiga Big Bash and Retro event is happening on September 16th in Peterborough... Go here for the full(ish) details. More will become apparent as we get closer to the day...l Craig...
  7. Axeman

    Retro Gaming Event

    There's something interesting on the Horizon (September the 16th to be precise). Amiga Big Bash has been an annual event in the Amiga calendar for the last few years, and is a get together of like-minded individuals for a generally good tme, with drinks and food. How does this affect us as...
  8. Axeman

    My Latest Song...

    Hiya all, Been working on this for a while. Thought I'd post it here and see what people think... Withoutacare.mp3 Its a song called 'Without a Care'. Everything written, played and recorded by me, except Bass, which was played by my Mate rich, who's a better bass player than I'll ever be...
  9. Axeman

    Anyone Tried The Vista Public Beta?

    Got bored today and downloaded the new Pulic beta of Vista from Microsoft. Intalled it on a spare HDD and came here to see how many people had done the same. looks like this on mine :- Overall, quite pretty, nice effects etc, but I still much prefer my nice OS X :)
  10. Axeman

    Upgraded My Psp To Firmware 2.7

    Hmmmmm! Well....! I decded yesterday to upgrade my PSP to firmware version 2.7. I've had a 1.5 PSP ever since it came out so I could use homebrew stuff, but to be honest, I was getting a bit mored with that, and not being able to easily play the latest games etc. The main thing I've been...
  11. Axeman

    Psp Maybe For Sale

    Was looking at possibly selling my PSP. I really dont want to, but I'm really strapped for cash at the moment, and it would be handy. Its a US PSP (obviously plays all region games - I'm in the UK), with a 1.5 firmware. Comes with :- Leather case 1Gb MS duo pro 32Mb MS Duo Pro Wipeout Pure...
  12. Axeman

    Ps3 Release Woes...

    Ouch - That must have been painful for the big S to admit...!
  13. Axeman

    Re-bought A Ds

    Back last march, I bought a DS whilst in the states. I gave it a good two months, then finallly got rid of it to a friend to put the cash towards a newer, shinier PSP. Today, I was bored, so drove into town. I saw a deal at HMV (of all places) for the DS with Mariokart and Sonic Rush. Sod...
  14. Axeman

    Nadolig Llawen

    Just wanted to say NADOLIG LLAWEN! That's 'Merry Christmas' in Welsh :) Anyone want to carry on by doing the same in your language?
  15. Axeman

    No (real) Complaints!

    Hmmm. I've just had mine (yesterday!) and it came with v1.0.1 firmware already installed, and also I have no complaints with either the controls or the brightness of the LCD - all seem great (apart from the micro piece of dust that crept in under my screen protector when I put it on, and when I...
  16. Axeman


    Who is Hodr, and is he related to the Antichrist? Spook :ph34r:
  17. Axeman

    A Wedding Pic

    Hi All, We've just got back from our post-wedding getaway, and we're starting to get the wedding photos back. Just thought I'd post one for you all to have a look at.... awwwwwwwwwwww..... Cute eh? :) We had a great day, as did everyone else as far as I can tell! Thanks for all the good...
  18. Axeman

    Getting Married On Saturday...

    Hi All, Just thought I'd chime in and say why I've been so quiet recently. Just so happens that my missus and me are getting hitched on saturday 16th! Been kind of hectic getting it arranged for the past few months, so I've gone kind of quiet. Wish me luck anyway, and I'dd try and post a...
  19. Axeman

    Gbax 2005 Scene Party

    Hi all! I post becasue I have some excellent news for all GP32 and Retro gaming fans! As mentioned a few months ago (for those with very long memories!), Craig of and myself had been having a few words about a meet-up of sorts in the UK for all the GP32ers and Retro Gamers out there...
  20. Axeman

    Psp Has Arrived

    All I can say is... WOW! I got myself ready for a letdown, but this thing has exceeded ALL my expectations. Cosmetically, its a thing of beauty, technologically its a thing of beauty and the games I've got (wipout pure and Lumines) are both absolutely great! This was worth the wait and then...