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  1. Yod4z

    Any chance of getting an updated version of SCUMMVM ?

    thanks a lot for your hard work djwillis
  2. Yod4z

    VLC with RSTP support

    and? you want me to try Android for Pandora and use this version of VLC?
  3. Yod4z

    VLC with RSTP support

    hello, i know we have VLC but without RSTP support, maybe with the news superzaxoon we can have a new build of VLC and maybe this time RSTP could work. If someone (maybe setb3 ^^) could try to build a new version. Thanks in advance for the work i can't do myself
  4. Yod4z

    Latest Hotfix ?

    now is superzaxxon
  5. Yod4z

    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    thank you ;)
  6. Yod4z

    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    sorry if this already said but where i can find codec pack ? can find in pdnstore. Maybe you can put the information in the first post after installation of the update
  7. Yod4z

    Is USB networking possible on both USB ports ?

    if you mean usb Ethernet adapter yes it's working, i have used a Wii usb Ethernet adapter clone (less price) and it work great between my PC and my Pandora
  8. Yod4z

    Chromium Web Browser

    it support SSL?
  9. Yod4z

    Release GPSP For Pandora... From Notaz!

    what new version? i don't see any change from 09/2011;a=summary
  10. Yod4z

    Release MAME EX - Final Release

    it's possible to have choice of the place of roms on first launch of mame ex? i use this directory for others emulators
  11. Yod4z

    Release Panplayer Beta 5 - Uploaded to Repo

    where you have to go to access to the gigolo share? mnt/?
  12. Yod4z

    Release Panplayer Beta 5 - Uploaded to Repo

    thanks it do the trick. The tactile button for preference are not responding, normal?
  13. Yod4z

    Release MAME EX - Final Release

    i dislike facebook and other socail network and i can have access to DL file. I can find it on Pandora repo :( Any help?
  14. Yod4z

    Release Panplayer Beta 5 - Uploaded to Repo

    it crash when launch for me. In the .out i see "Failed to open small TTF_OpenFont: Couldn't open pandora.ttf" Hotfix6
  15. Yod4z

    Translation help needed for Zelda Solarus DX

    I'm french and i have done some translation on wikipedia, openstreetmap wiki, GP2x wiki... but i have no time actualy (Zelda skyward, personnal life, work...) to contribute to this project sorry. Maybe later if this project is style alive ^^
  16. Yod4z

    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    Wow! what a great gift from you :D Thank you very much Notaz and Exophase for your hard work on this project. I've used my Pandora only for chating (MSN, IRC) when watching TV but now i have some work to do on PSX game ;)
  17. Yod4z

    We Have Mame. How About Visual Pinball?

    VisualPinball don't use M$ VisualBasic?
  18. Yod4z

    Release Gebabbel / gpsbabel

    good to have it but we really need an gps navigation software (, or are an example) on Pandora and have driver ( for bluetooth GPS receiver
  19. Yod4z

    Release NanoMap - OpenStreetMap Viewer - Beta PND

    maybe do a package with different country (Germany, France, England, Spain...)
  20. Yod4z

    Release NanoMap - OpenStreetMap Viewer - Beta PND

    the world in .osm are 18Go file size (