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    A possible explanation for the sudden influx of pre-orderers (the "500 instead of 150")

    (I have been away for a while, so I might have missed and/or forgot some details, so apologies if this brings a "well, duh!" reaction for some) (also, I know I'm a little late for the party, as most people have already moved on from this specific discussion, so apologies for that, too) I think...
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    Caanoo Article On Linuxdevices, With Reference To Pandora What slightly disturbs me is that one might get the impression of Pandora having ONLY QWERTY. Other than that, it's quite pro-Pandora. It doesn't even go in any further detail about delays or problems.
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    Sales Problems pre-ordering with Visa Electron

    After almost three hours of desperately trying to make my Visa Electron work, I thought I would ask whether or not anyone else had similar problems. The old forum isn't working at the moment, so couldn't find the info from there (there were similar threads there, I know). So the problem is...
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    Dvb-t On Pandora?

    So, I was interested in this: Terratec Cinergy Piranha I was just wondering how hard would it be to make it work in Pandora? I haven't even found any linux drivers for it yet. But the basic idea to have something that small to enable...