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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    OMG i've wanted this ported for such a long time, this is wonderful!
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    Gp2x W/ Broken Joystick - Anyone Interested?

    Hi guys, sorry I just got a mail from ED and he's gonna repair/replace my joystick since I still have warrany left (thought it was just one year), so I'll stick with my gp2x a little while longer :-) *topic closed*
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    Gp2x W/ Broken Joystick - Anyone Interested?

    Hi. My gp2x has a broken joystick and I'm just wondering if anyone would like to buy it, and how much to sell it for? I was thinking of $90 including the 1gb sd, tv-out cable, a case and of course the box. And maybe some 2500 mAh batteries. The unit itself is in great shape besides the joystick...
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    D-pad Problem

    I just got that same problem with my JOYSTICK so I doubt the d-pad has anything to do with the problem at hand. Jaylink - I tried what you said but nothing happened. What kind of conclusions can I come to from that?
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    Doom 2d

    Yes - i have used the (crappy) search engine and No - i didn't find an answer so here we go: Is it possible to port doom 2d to the gp2x? More info on the game here. It certainly looks like a game that would play well on the 2x! :-)
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    Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari

    i emailed this guy a long time ago asking him if a gp32 port would be likely, and then emailed him again asking the same thing for the gp2x when it was out, but i've never gotten an answer :C
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    New Beta Of Gp2xmb

    Wow, this is a really nice selector-thingy! One problem tho: when i got back to the main menu from the video player there was a lot of fcked up noise and after about 3 secs everything just froze... thanks for a sweet looking selector!
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    [gba] Public Release Of Gpsp2x! Dynarec'd And All!

    Wow, the new 9007 seems way more compatible than previous releases! Even baldurs gate : dark alliance works now, and golden sun :-) Thanks a bunch and keep up the extremely good work, Zodttd!
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    [gba] Public Release Of Gpsp2x! Dynarec'd And All!

    you mean on the berzerk site? (
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    [gba] Public Release Of Gpsp2x! Dynarec'd And All!

    one question: i can't load savestates properly. are the old savestates from previous betas unusable with the new 9006?
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    Gpsp (dynarec) Beta Testing

    I concur! hehe isn't this funny: when playing thps2 and in the middle of a kickflip the emulator shows error message "BAD JUMP" ! lol ^_^
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    Gpsp (dynarec) Beta Testing

    donate via snail-mail perhaps? an old gp32 or sumthing.¨' hehe
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    Gpsp (dynarec) Beta Testing

    is it just me or are the boring games more likely to NOT fck up after 1 min? :P
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    Gpsp (dynarec) Beta Testing

    makes you wonder: how bad is it to do a hard reset 30-40 times a day? :S
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    Gpsp (dynarec) Beta Testing

    Sounds great! Most of the games i've been playing have frozen withing a few minutes, more often when i use a higher clock speed.
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    wow, i've been waiting for something like this! like a sequel to spout :-)
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    GP2X Devs Please Underclock Your Apps

    i concur.. try running s-tris @ 66mhz, you can play for hooooours :-)
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    like... a kidney?
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    Has Anyone Managed To Get Beneath A Steel Sky Working Using Scumm?

    yeah it worked great even with the first release :)
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    Cool Stunts & Tricks Tips In Payback..

    that sounds sweet! my thumbstick's a little f'ed up right now so i'm not gonna try it though. have you landed on that roof with a bunch of boxes? i think that was a pretty sweet trick too, although not as spectacular i guess :-)