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  1. john4p

    Release TinyLauncher Run Amiga WHDLoad Games

    Thanks for this guide. Always starting up (Classic)Workbench takes quite a while. Your 1GB hdf is definitely sufficient for most stuff. I've recently bought a WHDLoad-key. Where do I put it here? Just place it in "WHDLoad/s/"? edit: Nevermind, missed the "OPTIONAL: If you registered WHDLoad...
  2. john4p

    Simulating lower resolution possible?

    Is there a way to run this Gingerbread Android at a lower resolution than our screen's native 800x480 pixels (while still drawing fullscreen)? Like e.g. at 600x360 or 500x300 pixels (scaled to fullscreen)? The reason I'm asking is because the gfx in bwin poker app (probably other apps and...
  3. john4p

    uae4all repo

    Hello ED, can you please add me as Maintainer for uae4all in the repo? I want to be able to update the additional infos from time to time.
  4. john4p

    Release UAE4All 2.0

    More than a year ago an engineer with a lot of knowledge and experience with Amigas (and preceding Commodore computers) took AnotherGuest's UAE4All Symbian sources, our Pandora sources, some PocketUAE stuff and then added big new features (with help from Toni Wilen) to his enhanced Symbian...
  5. john4p

    Release UAE4All 2.0

    Thanks a lot to AnotherGuest for providing me with his Symbian sources! They include a lot of work from an anonymous engineer who - with support by Toni Wilen - added AGA-, 68020- and HD-support (WHDLoad works, too). Here's now a first beta alpha (just saw the screen flickers when starting...
  6. john4p

    UAE4All 2.0

    More than a year ago an engineer with a lot of knowledge and experience with Amigas (and preceding Commodore computers) took AnotherGuest's UAE4All Symbian sources, our Pandora sources, some PocketUAE stuff and then added big new features (with help from Toni Wilen) to his enhanced Symbian...
  7. john4p

    libpng problem

    Trying to install sdl libs on Pandora again. But I can't (opkg) install libsdl-gfx-dev and libsdl-image-1.2-dev without removing libpng first (because they want libpng-dev) - but then I'll have to reflash because after a reboot I can't login anymore. Removing libpng with --nodeps doesn't...
  8. john4p

    OPP question

    If you set OPP5 as "maximum OPP" does it automatically use OPP3 when you set the cpu speed to 600 MHz?
  9. john4p

    Release UAE4All new version

    Version changes: Added Display Settings menu for preset and customized hw scaling on the fly: 8 Preset modes: 1) 320x200 => upscaled to 768x480 (aspect correct) 2) 320x216 => upscaled to 716x480 (aspect correct) 3) 320x240 => upscaled to 640x480 (aspect correct) 4)...
  10. john4p

    Release SNES9X4P hardware scaled

    Was always disappointed with the tiny area in which SNES9X4P displayed the gfx. Yes, it was very crisp - but I prefer to have the full height of the screen used (while keeping correct aspect ratio - so no ugly widestretch). Thanks to notaz' new SDL release hardware scaling could easily be...
  11. john4p

    Can't Overclock Anymore

    Yesterday I used PicoDrive for the first time on Pandora. I remember an old Genesis-emulator on my PC having lots of gfx glitches with Contra - Hard Corps. Not PicoDrive - everything works perfect. Also perfectly smooth and perfect vsync all the time. Great. But now I can't overclock anymore...
  12. john4p

    Lcd Turns Off While Playing

    When playing UAE4All sometimes the screen goes black. Maybe the LCD is turned off after a while not getting any keyboard- or mouse-inputs? You have to close the lid and reopen it to activate the LCD again. It's happening while using dpad and actionbuttons to play - they're in "gamepad-mode"...
  13. john4p

    Colors Are Messed Up

    Used some app with framebuffer hardware scaling earlier today which worked fine. But later when I wanted to do something in XFCE I noticed that now all of the Pandora's colors are distorted. :angry: It looks like the palette maybe was reduced from 16bpp to 8bpp. Resetting the Pandora didn't...
  14. john4p

    Uae4All Pandora Compatibility List

    Here it is: UAE4All Pandora compatibility list The games that work have working TOSEC ADF names listed. Some have special requirements (a few need Cyclone for example or you have to disable external disk drives), some have bugs and some have annotations. Color codes black = game works fine...
  15. john4p

    Beta Uae4All Additions

    Let's add some features to the Pandora port of UAE4All and make them available in this thread. Pickle just released the source of his UAE4All-port: UAE4All Source Addition I: Vertical adjustment Yesterday I implemented the possibility to move the displayed area vertically at any time with L +...
  16. john4p

    Which Function For Scaling/zooming?

    I'd like to zoom/scale the displayed area of an emulator. Tried SDL_SoftStretch which works, but it's slow and doesn't interpolate. Then I tried SDL_zoomSurface from SDL_gfx -> SDL_rotozoom.h. That's horribly slow (maybe I'm doing something wrong). Is there a better (also easy to use)...
  17. john4p

    Uae4All: 500Mhz > 600Mhz? ;)

    I've noticed that Turrican II runs almost perfectly smooth (display in 50Hz-mode) at the Pandora's default speed of 500MHz. When I set the clock speed to 600MHz and try UAE4All again Turrican II doesn't scroll as smooth as before. Could it be that the emulator or maybe Cyclone runs better with...
  18. john4p

    Uae4All: Saving Doesn't Work

    Tried Wings and Mr Nutz. While both games play fine saving doesn't work. Not talking about savestates but just the normal write-to-floppy-functionality of an Amiga. This worked flawless with UAE4All on GP2X and PSP but not in the Pandora-port. If the dev already knows about that just ignore...
  19. john4p

    Perfect 50Hz-Scrolling For Amiga Games!

    Didn't think this would be made possible so soon - but it's here: perfectly smooth scrolling for PAL games (50Hz, especially applies to about every Amiga game). In the Betatest-forums ED made Hotfix 2 package available. After installing this (no one who did this including me encountered any...
  20. john4p

    Del Doesn't Work

    The keyboard of my Pandora works perfect except for the backspace-key. Well, backspace works but Shift+Backspace doesn't work as DELETE and Fn+Backspace doesn't seem to work as INSERT. I assume this is a general issue every Pandora has. Is there a fix for this (having DELETE on the keyboard...