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    The Rabbit Joint

    Nice, this place is still up! I had to do a search on the openpandora boards to discover ED's post about the new .de domain, but I guess it's possible to find via Google. People are mostly just going to assume the site's dead when they try .com  :(.   I might have a read/search around the site...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    You got a link to some thread drama on this? I must've missed it!   Edit: This site gets successfully spammed more frequently than it gets legitimately posted to.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Yeah also Craig's OP company went fully tits-up.   Actually, ED's planning a pandora successor already, I hadn't realised. Could get interesting.
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    The Rabbit Joint
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Archbishop of Banterbury. He did a Kickstarter some time last year for a controller/keyboard that connects to you smartphone, and it got funded. Suggested manufacture and delivery in a month (what), as well as text and video updates (nope) and here we are many months later. More fool those that...
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    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

    A belated congratulations!
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Sad times indeed   Just had a merry few minutes catching up and reading some bits on that there other board. I see Craig's latest venture has left people angry, always knew that guy was a bitch.
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    Posting Binge

    I have 1 warning points!   That there nexus 4 is tempting cos its cheap but it's kind of big and the sillies went and put glass on the back.
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    Posting Binge

    I have zero warning points!
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    Well the GPH section is dying. Nearly every member here registered due to interest in those devices or the Pandora. Any android devices tend to have their own forum anyway, or dev stuff is focused in XDA. There's not much left to add, unless we get lucky with something. :( Edit: Actually...
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    I have become arse

    I have become arse
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    Hello! Thanks for doing this. It's a real shame about GPH flapping that Caanoo thing around the place, they were doing alright. Is the company officially dead? Maybe ED's got some info?
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    Posting Binge

    Ah, my gaming for the past few months has been reduced to the occasional Minecraft on my macbook. I miss tinkering with half-shit games and decent emulators on an underpowered weird little handheld thing and talking about it. Also as you said, publishing is easy on iOS and Android so some...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Well it's the most dead I've seen it. Ok :( . Turns out they went a bit power hungry and retarded in the end so I'm not really bothered. I had some fun with my GP32 and GP2X. Currently using an Xperia Mini Pro phone which has a decent amount of power (got it for £100 in a sale), slide out...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Merry Cockmess. So are GPH dead?
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    Hp Touchpad

    The Pre 3 might face a similar death-by-sale! $75 apparently for an unlocked unit in Europe. I don't care if HP are dropping it, £50 for this thing is crazy low. Still waiting on the links to go up. Source.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    So RB is you after all? Also naw, I thought you knew him IRL anyway? Or had met him or something.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, shket.
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    E3 - 2011

    Ugh, if I decide to get a new Wii it won't be because of that controller.
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    Apparently it uses a different engine, so save files aren't cross-compatible. The 'pocket edition' just seems to be a fancied-up classic mode, which is a bit of a shame.